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    Greek Beak Question

    We have had Calvin our T.G.A. for a year now...and he is fantastic! He is an adult (maybe about 8 years old). He never chews on anything hard calcium blocks, mineral blocks, rocks, cuttlefish etc. But so far his little beak looks the same as the day we brought him home. I...
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    Turnips okay?

    I know the turnip greens are okay but can our Greek eat the turnip itself as long as I shred it like with the squash? Thank you:) Colleen
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    Tall Fescue Mix Grass?

    Can a red foot tort eat "Tall Fescue Mix" grass? Thank you...
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    MN Chelonians Need Placement

    I am asking if you all have any ideas for us Herp memebers here in MN. We have had several months now of too many water turtles and even Sulcattas... this month there is a baby alligator up for adoption as well. ******************************************** The problem is: every month...
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    Does this info sound right? I am especially interested to know if anyone has a foot long 100 year old Greek Tortoise. I thought our guy was full grown at about 6 inches and a pound?! Oh, Dannnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????
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    Berries for Greeks?

    For some reason the "Search" function is not working for me?! Is it okay for Greeks to have a raspberry, strawberry or blueberry as a treat once a week? Right now we give Calvin the very fruits etc. (he refuses any dandylion greens or grass...we have tried the wheat grass from...
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    Importanece of hides and water bowls?

    Okay....I need to know how imperitive it is for our Greek Clavin r=to have hides and a water bowl in his enclosure. I have tried everything....but I always find him upside down/flipped over.:( So now he has a failrly plain enclosure (for the past 4 months) papertowel area for feeding and...
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    Release of Injured painted turtle MN

    long time no post:) Thursday I was driving down a local busy road & saw an upside down turtle. Picked him up and although bleeding from the face was still alive but lethargic. Brought him home asked for help from local herp society member (who was very helpful). He is a MN Painted...
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    Oxalis okay to eat? Hi there. i found this plat at our local organic coop. Could our Greek eat the leaves and or stems and flowers? Thank you:)
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    Eating Substrate?

    Okay. Our 7 year old Greek,Calvin, is driving me a bit nuts. We can finally have him on something besides paper towels (meds and critters all done). And he keeps eating whatever we try. Dirt, sand, coconut bark stuff, shredded paper, aspen. Any ideas? I have fed him first so I know he's...
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    US Fish/wildlife Ban on Boids... Please read this link. If this ban goes through it will have far reaching implications for all herps. You know, the whole domino effect. Please note there is a link to go to to make your...
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    Edible Flowers

    I was wondering which flowers you all feed your greeks and how often? I was reading the flowers can upset their digestive system like fruit if given 'too often'. I found some organic pansies at the local Byerly's upscale grocery store. Thank you, again!:shy:
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    Cuttlebone Preparation?

    I was reeaing on a post here that someone removes the 'hard backing' on the cuttlebone... I am now concerend...I just put in the cuttlebone as is... What is the hard backing, how do you get it off? When I checked the cuttlebone the one side was harder but there is no way i could 'pick' it...
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    Cat Litter Substrate?

    Okay, I mey a family at the feed store a few days ago and discovered they have a RT. They have kept him on cat litter for about 5 years now and swear it is the best substrate ever. No dust, no smell, clumps the urine for more thorough spot cleaning daily, and the tort can still dig etc. which...
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    Should we 'let him' hibernate

    I was just reading that if the tort is not hibernated it can cause long term health problems. I was not planning to decrease Calvin's temps etc. And so far he seems willing to eat twice a day and cruise around etc. Now after reading this I am concerned that we should hibernate him. What do...
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    Hatchlings and Worms?

    I have a very broad question related to reptiles. Are they born into the world with a load of worms like cats and dogs? All the neighbors 'worm' their puppies when they bring them home and then the puppy is on a medicine I think year round to prevent further infestation for the resat of...
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    Salmonella Treatment

    Do you ever 'treat' salmonella? I thought it was just something reptiles have that is okay for them? Our old vet mentioned 'treating' salmonella as a preventative...I never asked what she suggested to treat with...I just thought is very unusual... Anyone else 'treat' for salmonella?
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    Kleinmanni vs Ankyensis?

    As far as care, hardiness, temperament and diet go how do these two compare? I am looking through websites for comparisons... It appears the Kleinmanni are more fragile and smaller? Any input is appreciated...I have to dig up the book suggestion from Dan, I have 2 smaller oldere books...
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    Anyone have a cornsnake?

    We (read here me) are contemplating a cornsnake. We had a sweet male corn for 4 years, and he died just a few months ago:( He was our sons (who is only 8 and can't ever remember not having Stretchy around). He was a very easy going guy sonce day one...we purchased him as a hatchling. Not...
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    Weight Variance Question

    We have been weighing Calvin regularily and his weight is all over the place...Is this normal? He eats twice a day. 11/30 354 grams(lightest ever weighs) 12/5 376 grams 12/9 382 grams 12/10 385 grams (7pm) 12/11 387 grams (heaviest weight) 12/12 369 grams (10am, after urates and BM)...