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  1. jobroyo

    Should I re-home my russian?

    ALSO POSTED TO CONTROVERSIAL TOPICS SECTION Hey everyone. I haven't been on here in awhile. I adopted a female russian tort. from a friend in March 2017- she was clearly being neglected, and I absolutely fell in love with her. I renamed her Ollie, and I attempted to turn a rabbit hutch into an...
  2. jobroyo

    Rabbit Hutch?

    Has anyone ever dabbled in making a tortoise enclosure out of a rabbit hutch? I am HIGHLY considering modding a hutch for my female russian, and I have been looking into it and not finding a lot of people who have done this. It would be an indoor enclosure, meaning, lots of modifications. (which...
  3. jobroyo

    best hydrometer/hygrometer?

    What exact tool do you all use to measure humidity in your enclosure, and how would you rate it? Could you state where you got it from too? ALSO. If I want to measure humidity, would it be a hydrometer, or a hygrometer? I've seen people use both words to explain the same thing.
  4. jobroyo

    tortoise blog's?

    Does anyone know any great tort social media to follow? Like Instagram accounts, Tumblr blogs, Twitter accounts. etc! I know there is BILLIONS for dogs and cats, but what about tortoises? If you own and run any account dedicated to your lil guy, post it here and expect a follow from me! MY...
  5. jobroyo

    cute names my dude

    This is such an off topic thing to ask, but what names do you LOVE for a female russian tortoise? After getting a few suggestions I love, I will make a poll, and the community will get to pick my new tort's name! Thank you in advance for your feedback!
  6. jobroyo

    Vet Visit #1

    Hello everyone, I need some guidance here. The previous owner of my Russian Tortoise got her from Petco and has NEVER taken her to the vet. I have a vet already set up to see her (not the appointment, but the vet herself) and I am wondering what exactly I should be asking about. I have no idea...
  7. jobroyo

    hello all!

    Hello everyone! I am a BIG newbie to tortoise care. I am going to be owning a Russian Tortoise very soon, and I want to provide the best care possible for her. I am doing lots of research and I have the basic facts down. I will be on here to learn about the community and my lil girl. Thank you!