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  1. ShellyTheTortoise71


    Hey everyone! My family and I are considering getting some chickens, maybe six or so. We are getting them for eggs, not meat. I was just wondering if any of you have any recommendations or tips, as we've never had farm animals before. Our family has kids, so we want to find a chicken that is...
  2. ShellyTheTortoise71

    Redfoot for adoption

    Hey everyone, I just saw this cute tortoise on petfinder. She in the RI area. Looks like she's had a rough life, but would still make a great pet.
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    Two redfoots

    I have posted several ads, but I need to find them homes. I have two available redfoots, one is a little over a year old, one is 8 years old. The smaller redfoot is 50$, and the larger tortoise is 75$. I don't have the option to post pictures in the for sale section, so if you would like...
  4. ShellyTheTortoise71

    Young Redfoot

    Hey everyone! I still have a year old redfoot for sale. It is 75 dollars plus shipping. I have its exact hatch date, so you can track its age. If you are interested, message or email me! thanks. Email: [email protected]
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    Hello everyone. I am very sad to say that I am putting my 8 year old redfoot tortoise, Shelly. She has been my bud since I was 12 years old. I am so sad to see her go, but she needs to thrive in an outdoor enclosure. I can't provide her that anymore. I'm not asking for any money, just a great...
  6. ShellyTheTortoise71

    Sad day

    Hello. I am sad to say that I am thinking of giving up my beloved tortoise, Shelly. She was my first tortoise that I adopted when I was only 12 :( I am so busy with school right now, so she's always indoors. She is so unhappy and unhealthy living in an indoor cage all the time. I really want to...
  7. ShellyTheTortoise71

    New etsy store!

    Hello everyone! I finally put my love of sewing to good use! This is non-tort related, but I recently opened a new etsy store called HappyHedgies. Since I just opened yesterday, it doesn't have too much in it yet, but I'm making things all the time to add. I sell cuddle cups and snuggle sacks...
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    Hey everyone, my year old Redfoot tortoise is still available. She really needs a home. She is very healthy. She is 150 dollars shipped, but I will definitely negotiate! Thanks so much. Email or message me for pictures or details. Email: [email protected]
  9. ShellyTheTortoise71

    Redfoot tortoise

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know that my year old redfoot is still available. I'm located in CT. The tortoise is a about 3.5 inches long. Her adoption fee is 75$, and shipping is available at buyers expense. Feel free to message me or email me at [email protected] Thanks :)
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    Year old Redfoot tortoise

    Hello everyone. I unfortunately have to give up my year old redfoot. I am unable to care for her. I can only manage my adult currently, who has been having health issues. I am located in Connecticut. This tortoise is active and a good eater. I believe that she is in good health. I have never had...
  11. ShellyTheTortoise71

    Picky tortoise

    Hello. My red foot has been picking at her food lately. She tends to only eat the mushy textured food, like bananas and wet pellet food (mazuri and another kind). She also likes rose petals. However, she stopped eating the greens. Is there any tips to get her to eat them? Also, what proteins are...
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    Squishy carapace

    This is urgent. I have just realized that my year old tortoise has a squishy carapace. I applied a small amount of pressure and it moved. It is still very squishy. Her gualars move if I gently squeeze her shell as well. Is this normal? Will she be alright? Thanks.
  13. ShellyTheTortoise71

    New indoor enclosure

    Hello. My yearling red foot tortoise has been very timid around my larger tort. After some research, I found out that they would be best separated. I want to design a new enclosure for her. I'm looking for some ideas. I want something that will look pretty nice (I don't want a rubber maid bin)...
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    Safe plants?

    Hello everyone. I bought a few new plants. However, I'm not sure they are safe for my red foot. I bought them from home depot, which means there are pesticides in them. Will they affect her if I feed her the leaves of the plant? I bought a hibiscus, some sort of ivy, and a succulent. Here are...
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    Paint on shell?

    Hello everyone. When I bought my baby tortoise from a breeder, she had two yellow paint stripes on her shell. It was there for identification purposes. I have had her for a year but I haven't been able to get it off. Any recommendations? I'm afraid to use nail polish remover, considering it is...
  16. ShellyTheTortoise71

    Tortoise is missing!

    Pleas help. My young red foot tortoise is missing! I left her in my yard and she went missing. She's been missing for several hours. My whole family and I have searched EVERYWHERE. I'm desperate. Please help me find my tort.
  17. ShellyTheTortoise71

    Shelly is finally drinking!

    Hey everyone! I'm so happy to tell you guys that my tort Shelly is FINALLY drinking water. She hasn't been drinking or eating much. And I put her in my new DIY pond and she is drinking so much water! Also, she is eating some of the plants and grass in the pond. Just wanted to tell everyone that...
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    Tortoise yard update

    Hello fellow tort lovers. I have finally convinced my family to let my tortoises take over the yard (hehe :D). I have just started it, and they will have a pen with a roof for rainy days. My yard is pretty large, so they have plenty of space. There is a small pond, which is the third pic, but...
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    Lattice enclosure

    Hello. It's getting warmer and I am trying to make an outdoor enclosure. I've never had the luxury of having a whole yard for my torts, but I am making a big enclosure this year. My question is, has anyone ever used vinyl lattice fencing to make an enclosure? It is fairly inexpensive and its...
  20. ShellyTheTortoise71

    Heat stroke!!!

    Hi everyone. My red foot tortoise Shelly was outdoors yesterday. It was about 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside. As I was bringing her in for the night, I noticed that she had white foam all over her mouth! I looked on the forum and found that it is a sign of heat stroke. Will she be alright? Also...