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  1. queen koopa

    Quail. A hardy species? I think so.

    Noticed a quail run out of a very large pot in my garden. And found this Found a nest maybe 2 weeks ago in our haystack, they did not make it because they were damaged by hay bale moving... damn it. Curious to see where the mom takes the...
  2. queen koopa

    Tarantulas. What do you do when you find in your yard?

    I live in Henderson NV. Found this. My dogs for sure will kill it. I was just videoing them playing and happen to look in the dog house after...Curious if others would relocate or leave be to the dogs? Think I’m going to put it in my garden...
  3. queen koopa

    Just a video of some sliders at the nursery here.

    Last year there were just adults. Noticed some young ones.
  4. queen koopa

    Tom’s cactus

    Planted 5 pads from @Tom June 2020 I believe, got good growth by July. Fed a bunch over the winter and I’ve got a ton more now
  5. queen koopa

    Sulcata eating

    Before After
  6. queen koopa

    Tortoise Butt

  7. queen koopa

    Koopa’s Size Reference Thread

    Just gonna be random pics of Koopa here because I can’t stop taking pics of her. To start, here she is when I adopted her March 2018
  8. queen koopa

    My Aloe plants are beginning to flower!

    Sorry for the bad pics, I had trouble with lighting and all the aloe prawns look the same! Anyways... I have 4 or 5 Aloe plants beginning to flower. All of these aloe plants have made many clones. 1 bought very tiny from Lowe’s 3 years ago, 1 of its clones is flowering also. The other mother...
  9. queen koopa

    Are these common enclosures?

    Looks like 2 small enclosures stacked? Just wondering if this is a common set up for small tortoise.
  10. queen koopa

    Red-eared slider: how much time do your RES spend out of the water?

    Interested in slider behavior.... hope others with these little turtles are interested in sharing😀 how often do your turtles stay out of the water? I got an 18 yr old RES back in April/May this year. He never had a dry land option until I moved him into a Stock tank. I cannot determine his...
  11. queen koopa

    Sulcata water features, help please

    Hey guys, finally have to go larger water for my sulcata. Her water is a cut stock tank, she can barely turn around in it now. Any pics or advice appreciated. A while back I looked at a members post who had their Sulcata with a nice Conex shelter and a water basin thing with a cover. Thought I...
  12. queen koopa

    18 yr RES questions

    Just acquired an 18yr old RES from a friend. Male. So he’s been in a 20 gal tank with no dry pads/basking area his whole life. I will be changing his enclosure completely and his diet will be upgraded . I am using Austins Turtle page care sheet. So I just got him today and filled his normal...
  13. queen koopa

    Plant ID

    Sorry for the poor pictures but it is sooo bright out I cannot see if my pics are any good... but need some help. I put these in my Picture This plant app and it only gave me 2 options of what they thought it could be and the written description of the fruit and flower are not a match at all...
  14. queen koopa

    Wild Desert Tort?

    A friend was out walking in Sloan National Canyon Conservation and cane across this guy. Just wanted to share..
  15. queen koopa

    Need some social/neighbor advice from my tortoise peeps.

    So there is a home in my neighborhood that has a great spineless cactus bordering their property wall. I would like to contact them to see if I could get a few pads to plant at my house. Do you guys think it’s a bad time to ask them? I mean with the social distancing going on? I wanted to put a...
  16. queen koopa

    Suggestions for full sun, frost resistant, Sulcata safe?

    Hi all! Just expanded my sulcata enclosure. Have 3 sections to it now. In the new section I am doing majority grasses, but the corners or some of the side borders (using long thinner planters of some sort, tall enough to prevent tortoise sabotage) I wanted edible plants to hang down. I was...
  17. queen koopa

    I DNA tested my dog, has anyone else ? So cool.

    This is my American Staffirdshire Terrier / MUTT haha Hayze. He just turned 3. At puppy And now
  18. queen koopa

    Cute dog pic!

    Read your post about wanting your bro to paint! This is lil dog. She is maybe 9 yrs old, 6 pounds! Haha
  19. queen koopa

    Spineless Opuntia growth inquiry

    Hey fellow tortoise peeps and cactus growers. I planted spineless opuntia April 2019. 2 in pots, 1 in the ground. The ground planted pad grew 1 additional pad within a couple months of planting, the 2 in pots as well, but one of the plantings grew 2 pads. Since then there has been no...
  20. queen koopa

    Goat On A Leash!!

    I took my goat out for weeds..... something I don’t normally do... he can be a bit of pain.