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  1. Stazz

    Very sad news......

    Our beloved Tallula was officially adopted by our friends today, her new family :(:(:(:( We have tried every aspect, every phone call, email, fax and text message - I have fought and fought harder and tougher, but no luck. Tallula can never leave the country as the bastard pet store we...
  2. Stazz

    Travelling tortoise - international

    Helllooooo all Hope all is well. I pmed Danny a while ago, but haven't heard back from him. He must be busy! I found out that to get Tallula to the UK, all we need is a letter from our vet stating she is healthy to travel !!! Much easier than the pugs, ugh! Myyyyyy question
  3. Stazz

    Well HELLO !!!!

    Hello hello to all my favourites on TFO. I sure have missed you. So sorry I've been such a slacker. I hope you are all well and thriving. Happy new year to you all!!!! Laura reminded me to come over and say hello!! So whats news....anything big??? hehe. All is good over here....lots...
  4. Stazz

    PLease help me I.D

    Hiya guys !!! My uncle and his fiance in California found this little guy, not sure where...not sure of much info, but wanted to get a proper I.D of him/her so i can give them the basic care for now. I'll also get them to join on here. Phone pics, sorry! [hr] I've also told them to...
  5. Stazz


    Hello my "old" friends...Im still alive, yes yes. I have a question for THE professionals :) CITES....are Jordanian Greeks listed? I'm not slowly starting to put things together, paperwork etc etc for our move to the UK.I've got Yoda pretty sorted, and left tallula baby for last as I know...
  6. Stazz

    FINALLY online !

    My goodness, it took me forever to get onto TFO !!!!! My password was not working for like, over a week, and now all of a sudden it works !! Wanted to post a few times, and now can't even remember what i wanted to post !! Wahahahha
  7. Stazz


    I'm in a small panic.... I found a turtle. I'm thinking its a terrapin, but i could be wrong. You all know me, I have Tallula madam. I live in Dubai, so it's definitely NOT a natural habitat I found this baby in. I was walking Yoda, and was strange, cos I'm not usually walking him at the time...
  8. Stazz

    Calling all UK forum friends - need some help :)

    :) Hope everyone is well ! Why I ask for anyone from the UK....looks like Nick and I will be moving there next year September, more than likely permanently. Brrrrr. Haha, I feel cold just thinking about it. My question is - does anyone know about bringing Tallula into the UK? I have done...
  9. Stazz

    SHEESH, I have not been on here for loooong time !

    I hope you and all your torty babies are well and flourishing ! I miss this forum so much! I promise, I will pop in alot more. Life has just been so crazy. Work is busier than ever, and with my promotion, its more hectic than I could imagine. Nick has also been working so hard. In between it...
  10. Stazz

    Just a few Yoda pics for the time being !

    Not too many, and not doing it properly, got a busy day first day back at work YUCK!
  11. Stazz

    Update on everything !

    Hey my forum friends. I'm back ! I promise, I won't neglect you so much again, I have missed the forum so much!!! I hope all of you are well, and behaving? Are everyones tort babies doing well? Well, we're doing great. We have been SO super hectic with work and all sorts ! Nick was away...
  12. Stazz

    My poor Grandmother...the other one!

    Well Im sure you'll all remember all the prayers and support you gave with regards to my ill grandmother (my dads mom) - well she is in a 24hr care hursing home, and she's doing great. I got sad news last night though, my other Gran, my moms mom, was diagnosed with freaking leukemia at age 83. I...
  13. Stazz

    Just letting you know I'm not neglecting you......

    I'm just soooooo super swamped at work, then get home and give Tallula loves, give Nick loves and give Yoda loves, and between household chores, I'm drowning haha. Always checking out the forum when I can, even though you don't hear much from me!
  14. Stazz

    Meet YODA !!!

    Introducing our 8week old baby boy :) His first photo Cuddling mom Loving his dad My fave pic !! He is just sooooooo tiny and loveable ! Candy you're right !!!!! he won't sleep unless he's touching one of us. He sleeps in the nape of our neck. Already he has the most...
  15. Stazz

    I can't choose on my own...please help for contest pic !

    Ok, I know its RATHER last minute, but I've been so so busy, and now I cannot for the life of me pic a photo to enter into the contest ! Could you please steer me in the right direction? :) Would really really appreciate it :) Here's are the pics.....any others you can think of? Lol Pic 1...
  16. Stazz


    We're getting a PUPPY ! A pug puppy to be exact :D We're meeting the woman tomorrow evening at the vet, the little boy puggy will be checked right in front of me, and if the vet says he's 100%, then he'll be coming home with us !!!!!!! HOLD THUMBS !!!!!!!!! I am too excited ! He is so so so cute
  17. Stazz

    Reptile Depot - S.H.O.C.K.I.N.G

    I ordered an MVB and some other things that Tallula needs from these morons on the 29th August, pretty much 2 months ago. I've had my wonderful, extremely helpful friend Robyn (Crazy1) - who I owe so much to! - helping me SO much with calling them (the time difference is so large for me) as to...
  18. Stazz

    I am SOOOOOO nervous !

    My boss went away on business on Sunday, and he called me to say, a new job was approved by a client, and I will be handling the whole thing. It's my debut as a producer, and the shoot is TODAY ! I am trying to relax about things, but there is so much to organize, which looks like its all in...
  19. Stazz

    Tallula's Vet Visit Today !

    Well, my little baby girl went to the vet today, just to have a check up and had a fecal test. The vet was very happy with her health on the outside, and she was amazed at how feisty and friendly Tallula is hehe. I waited for fecal results, which came up pretty much as I expected. She has/had...
  20. Stazz

    Wknd - YEE HAAAA

    Wishing everyone a happy weekend ! Its wknd for me at least, hehe. Can you tell I'm bored at work :P Will be in to check on things on Saturday. Tallula is going for her check up at the vet, and we'll hopefully have a lovely fresh poop sample to take with for tests ! How on earth do I try and...