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  1. PJay

    2021 Arizona Desert Tortoise Adoptions
  2. PJay

    Living barometers

    Box turtles were climbing the walls yesterday afternoon in anticipation of the rain from Zeta today. The most active I've seen them as a group across all species. They were even trying to take food out of my hand before I could put it on their plates last night.
  3. PJay

    Cuora mouhotii obsti

    I'm really enjoying raising a group of captive bred Southern Keeled Box Turtles. This lightly colored juvenile is enjoying a warm water soak and some tasty treats. The striations of color on this individuals shell are fantastic!
  4. PJay

    Utah Desert Tortoise Adoption
  5. PJay

    Box Turtle Hatchling Tank with Substrate

    This is my rearing tank for two 8 month old box turtles: Hunter and Wedge. It's a 29 gallon ~ closed chamber aquarium with damp coco coir substrate, a Zoo Med UVB fluorescent bulb (+ a standard aquatic aquarium bulb used for two hours at mid day to increase light intensity and color range) and a...
  6. PJay

    What!?..Is there something on my face?

    A new addition from a good TFO friend. Meet 8 month old Hunter, who took a moment away from digging around in his substrate for night crawlers to paste an Omega One Juvenile pellet to the right side of his face and pose for a picture. A very gregarious turtle, always hunting for its next meal...
  7. PJay

    Driveway Surprise

    I was visiting family when this three toed male was crossing the driveway as we were coming in. His plastron is only slightly concave, but he had red eyes and some nice color on his head/neck/legs. He was timid at first but then became very assertive. I took some pictures and put him back along...
  8. PJay

    The Box Turtle Bug Strikes Again

    The stork arrived today with three Gulf Coast Box Turtle babies and two Florida Box Turtle babies. Already eating Reptomin, just minutes out of the box. Incredible!
  9. PJay

    Eastern Photo Fun

    It’s a beautiful spring day in the mid-Atlantic! Ok, so it’s not really spring, that’s still a few weeks away. It was 77F when I took these photos on February 24, when our averages highs are 49F, with lows at 33F! It was a good opportunity to get the turtles out for some natural UV. I loaded the...
  10. PJay

    Soluble Antibiotic

    There are many threads on TFO suggesting Terramycin as a good water soluble antibiotic for soaking turtles and tortoises when needed, but it appears that Pfizer stopped producing it. In one thread @maggie3fan suggested Duramycin as a replacement, but as of Jan 1, 2017, new regulations in the...
  11. PJay

    BTPS (Box Turtle Postal Service)

    I don't personally have any problems with the USPS. But I thought this was good humor.
  12. PJay

    Tortoise vs Hare

    Slow and steady does it.
  13. PJay

    new name for the forum?

    Motion to change the site name to "Tortoise and Turtle Forum."
  14. PJay

    I Found It!

    Wait, that's not what I was looking for. I was digging around in a closet today and found the Mar./Apr. 1994 edition of Reptile and Amphibian Magazine with an Eastern Box Turtle on the cover. I can still remember the first time I looked through this edition being quite put out that, there was in...
  15. PJay

    Baby Loggerhead Turtles

    I was fortunate enough to be on the Atlantic coast of North America for vacation this summer at the right time to see baby Loggerhead turtles emerging from their nest. The main boil, which is what it's called when the majority of babies emerge, had occurred a couple days earlier. The baby...
  16. PJay

    Summer Vacation and Eastern Box Turtles

    This care sheet: suggests that EBT caregivers can leave their turtles indoors at home for "a week or so" without food, lights, or heat while they go on summer vacation. Scroll to the bottom of the care sheet to see that section. It...