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  1. FrankIinTheTortoise

    How Often Should I Give my Russian Tortoise Franklin a Good Soak?

    I've been wondering how often I should be giving my little guy a soak. Anybody know?
  2. FrankIinTheTortoise

    So Proud of My Little Franklin!

    Just 5 days ago I got Franklin from a local Petsmart. He refused to eat until today, when I gave him an efficient warm water soak. After that I put him back in his enclosure and made a salad full of romaine lettuce, tomatoes, kale, and chopped carrots and put it on his flat rock. I brought him...
  3. FrankIinTheTortoise

    Russian Not Eating Since I Got Him 4 Days Ago..

    I've offered him straight to face a huge floating leaf. He nudged it saying "Get out of my way, leaf." I even ripped off a small bit and he just stares at it for 5 minutes and walks away, it was right to his mouth but he didn't open it. I offer him a baby carrot he just walked by it, even when I...
  4. FrankIinTheTortoise

    When Will My RT Franklin Stop Scratching the Walls of his Enclosure?

    He's been at it for three days now ever since we got him. I just moved him in his large, brand new enclosure. It took quite some time to build. Its bedded with coconut fiber. We have a repti-zoo dual dome lamp fixture with one UVB bulb and one CHE bulb. He has his water bowl and his food plate...
  5. FrankIinTheTortoise

    Today Is The Day Franklins New Enclosure Arrives!

    Franklin has had to live in a cardboard box for 3 days with close to nothing. Only a water and food dish, flukers tortoise diet, greens, little hay substrate, a dual lamp dome fixture, 2 CHE Bulbs, and three UVB bulbs. But today is the day that all changes. Today, his enclosure and coconut fiber...
  6. FrankIinTheTortoise

    Would This Hide be Big Enough for a Full Grown RT? : Flexible Wood Hideout - Extra Large - House, Tunnel, Ramp, Bridge, Tube for Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Hedgehogs, Chinchillas, Small Rabbits, and Other Small Animals - Accessories, Toys, and Supplies : Pet Supplies
  7. FrankIinTheTortoise

    Anyone know a decent amazon tortoise hide under 20$?

    I need to buy a good hide for my tortoise. Please pick a hide that's big and roomy and will fit a full grown RT.
  8. FrankIinTheTortoise

    Russian Tortoise Sleeping A LOT, Should I Wake Him?

    My RT has been sleeping a TON lately, is it because of brumation/hibernation? I'm not sure what to think.
  9. FrankIinTheTortoise

    I don't have my supplies yet

    Could my Russian tortoise last until Wednesday in a big cardboard box with hay substrate, a water dish, and some Flukers Tortoise diet and greens? This is my second day owning a RT and I ordered all of its supplies when I came home with it. Its appropriate enclosure is arriving on Wednesday so I...