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  1. Krista S

    A big thank you & my new enclosure

    I first want to thank all of the members who are putting in countless hours posting replies and helping people out. I, like many others, did an enormous amount of research before getting my Hermann’s tortoise. I was so confused by all the conflicting information. The only thing I knew for...
  2. Krista S

    New party trick?

    I have an Eastern Hermann’s tortoise who is 1 year and 9 months old. He weighs around 370 grams and is just short of 5 inches in length. Yesterday he was doing a weird movement with his back end that I hadn’t seen before. I thought maybe he was trying to poop or something. I lifted him up...
  3. Krista S

    Wanted: Indoor enclosure advice

    I am trying to plan out a new enclosure for my 1 year old Eastern Hermann’s tortoise and am feeling a little overwhelmed. Until now, he has been living in a 3 foot by 1 1/2 foot exo terra glass terrarium. I want to move him into something larger and after researching a lot of different...
  4. Krista S

    Can I use a cedar planter to grow tortoise food?

    I recently ordered a large raised garden bed that I intended to use as an outdoor house this summer for my small Hermann’s tortoise (will be around 1 year old by the time it’ll be warm enough to go outside). The planter I bought was advertised as fir, but when it arrived it is definitely cedar...