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  1. mark pierce

    Happy to be out summer is here

    My 5 have just woken from a long sleep inc the 3 rescues from last year enjoy the pics still not sure if the 3 are iberia or Greek lol enjoy the pics hope you are well
  2. mark pierce

    3 new additions Need help on identity pls

    Been a while since I’ve been on here hope you are all well and your torts are fighting fit . So I have 2 Greek spurred torts .. 1 young lad than a yea and another 4 years old .. I live in Cyprus so climate is perfect for them and they live in a nice enclosure outside .. I’ve just been given...
  3. mark pierce

    Hi everyone

    Big hello from Cyprus (Mediterranean) new to tortoises but want to do my best to look after the little fella posted already about my tort , prob in the wrong section so apologies if this is the case , Mark
  4. mark pierce

    Hi from a new tort owner

    hi everyone I bought a tortoise from a pet shop here in Cyprus they were useless On advice so I've turned to you guys as I'm a complete novice but want to care for this little guy or girl in the best possible way ..I have no idea where to start or even what type it is as the shop also had no...