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  1. dawsonpan

    Safe cactus to feed?

    Hey everyone! I have a cactus that I grew from one pad. I bought it and was sold and plainly stated as 'opuntia'. I'm wondering what type it is and if it's tortoise safe. Thanks! Here are the pics:
  2. dawsonpan

    Can tortoises eat plumbago?

    Hey everyone! So I was watching a video by the Turtle Conservancy and in one of the clips, a tortoise was shown eating a plumbago flower. I read before that these were poisonous but they are native in parts of southern Africa where many tortoise species are from. The Tortoise Table also says...
  3. dawsonpan

    Tortoise loves herbs?!

    So I noticed that my leopard loves to eat herbs of all kinds. Is this common for some tortoises because hear most don't even try it because of its strong scents. Whenever I offer some not a single leaf or stem is left. Especially basil and oregano flowers. I have heard some tortoises eat a lot...
  4. dawsonpan

    Can tortoises eat hummingbird sage?

    Hey everyone! I recently got a hummingbird sage plant (Salvia Spathacea) for a native CA garden and I'm wondering if tortoises can eat it. I can't seem to find any sources online that specifically mentions it. The Tortoise Table lists regular sage (Salvia officinalis) as ok in moderation and...
  5. dawsonpan

    Are wild lizards in outdoor tortoise enclosures ok?

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if the native lizards in Southern California have any negative effects on tortoises. They seem to love their raised enclosures and I see that they're possibly using them to lay their eggs as well because I see baby lizards occasionally coming out. Is this an issue...
  6. dawsonpan

    Edible Succulent?

    Hey everyone! I have a succulent and can't seem to find any species identification for it. I'm wondering if it's edible. I cross checked the Tortoise Table however its not listed there either, neither is it any of the harmful species. I see it quite often for sale so I assume its pretty common...
  7. dawsonpan

    Squeaking Leopard Tortoises?

    Hey everyone! About a day ago we adopted two leopard tortoises, we were told they're both around 3-4 years old. And just today we heard one of them making squeaking noises, squeaking or whistling noises. I read up on the possible causes and I'm still not sure because there seems to be a lot of...
  8. dawsonpan

    Edible Plant Species for Russian Tortoise Enclosure

    Hey everyone & Happy New Year! :) I'm in the process of constructing a new Russian tortoise enclosure for our Russian tortoise Boris and we plan to adopt another in the coming weeks. I want to preferably put native plant species from the Central Asian Steppe where they're native to, to best...
  9. dawsonpan

    Hey eveyone!

    This is an introduction :) My name is Dawson and my family and I have two adult sulcata tortoises, Cupcake and Teddy, three baby sulcata tortoises, Pineapple, Cookie, and the other is yet to be named, a female Russian tortoise named Boris, and we're in the process of adopting another one!