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  1. Braeden p

    Deformed scute

    So the one scute on my Russians shell is not growing right could this lead to health problems?
  2. Braeden p

    Eyes not normal

    I went to feed my Russian tortoise and her eyes where closed more than normal and they still are and look really watery please help I am really worried she has not had food for three days because I kept forgetting to tell my mom to get Betty food when she went to the store and she kept...
  3. Braeden p

    IS a lid needed if my dog can get my tortiose?

    YEs it I saw my dad says that I should take the wire Mets top off that it is easier to clean and to keep it off but I have two dogs and the one jumps up on the couch and watches my tortoise and things it is a rabbit and really want some to get it so could someone that knows what they are talking...
  4. Braeden p

    Possible respiratory infection.

    So notice every month or so I hear Betty blow out air that sort of sounds like hissing. Today she did that really loud for like a minute then rubbed her nose on her leg and did that for a minute I did not see anything thing but I am no expert so if anyone knows any thing please help.
  5. Braeden p

    What are the dangers of no uv or heat lamps for a week?

    We are going on vacation and I have my neighbor caring for Betty and my parents keep saying Betty needs no lights because the house temperature will be 74 and I say that is bad because Betty needs uv and heat to be healthy and when I say that they say don’t talk back so does anyone else know why...
  6. Braeden p

    Weird shell growth really worried

    So I noticed this today and am worried because of the depth of the groove. PLEASE HELP the last picture the top whit spots are peeling but not bad I posted about the bottom of the shell before and was told everything is fine
  7. Braeden p

    Wagging tail?

    When I take Betty on walks after she poops she wags her tail side to side for about a minute while walking. Just wondering if any other tortoises does this or if it is bad.
  8. Braeden p

    Betty had a long night 9:30AM

    She had her neck all stretched out there was a low spot and a mound flattened it out and betty stole some vodka🤣 must of had a party! (Sorry that the screen is in the way)
  9. Braeden p

    we’re in the green!

    On Friday Chester county is green so my brothers and friends are going to ride our bikes to get ice cream because we went there before and did not have masks even though they closed early and we were looking for somewhere to eat and this 2 days before lock down. I don’t have Facebook so I cant...
  10. Braeden p

    Need help constructive criticism wanted rate my set up

    I mad this and betty won’t stop digging and it is driving me crazy. It is about 3’ by 3’ I know it should be bigger but I am not allowed to make it bigger. I want to add some fake plays for hiding. I flex sealed the bottom and have fake stones made of pebbles and plaster it is 83 to 87 on the...
  11. Braeden p

    Betty is having a hard time moving in

    Just finished building Betty her new pen and she won’t stop digging in the corners
  12. Braeden p

    Russian tortoise inhaled water PLEASE HELP!

    When I was soaking Betty she stuck her head underwater and it sounded like a bubble popping in her throat when she breathed and like hisses or sneezes and run to check on her and she has her head by her leg like if she wiped something of her face. Is there anything I can do to help her please...
  13. Braeden p

    Betty’s YouTube channel!📽🐢

    My channel is Betty cam on YouTube. Just wondering if anyone actually will watch it because my subscriber count dropped after someone disagreed with me told my grade lies so they would unsubscribe and dislike my videos.
  14. Braeden p

    Russian tortoise bottom shell

    Just worried that it did not look right.
  15. Braeden p

    What was the silliest thing your tort or turt did?

    I will start. Betty climbed on her half log with a carrot and tramples her food.
  16. Braeden p

    What is the best food for lockdown?

    What Would you prefer?
  17. Braeden p

    Russian tortoise shedding skin

    Just wondering if Betty is shedding to much. It is about as wide as your fingernails are thick and about an inch long.
  18. Braeden p

    Russian tortoise pen won’t stay warm!

    I got a good thermometer to measure the temperature right but there is a problem, it is 18in hight but it is 76 on the warm side and the cheap thermometer says less that 70 on the cool side and it was 10 degrees warmer on both sides so what should I do?
  19. Braeden p

    How big should an indoor Russian tortoise pen be?

    My dad keeps saying the bookshelf will rot the plastic lining will tear and you can get plexiglass pens that are pre sealed. What should I do the book shelf is 6’ by 3’ by 12” and the plexiglass ones are 1’ by 2’. Please help I want the best for Betty. I am so stressed and they will come back...
  20. Braeden p

    Possible mold on Russian tortoise shell?

    I just noticed this and I don’t know what it is. It is on the right of the middle of the screen.(best on big screen)