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  1. StarSapphire22

    Possible flashing?

    Hello! It's been a while since I've been on slightly over two-yr-old Hermann's tortoise Littlefoot might have flashed me today. He was doing a funny little dance on his feeding tile, standing as tall as he could and his tail was wagging, almost kinda like a dog's when it's...
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    Box Turtle Hatchling Care Sheet

    BOX TURTLE HATCHLING CARE INTRODUCTION: Box turtles are native to North America. They are also known as box tortoises, although box turtles are terrestrial members of the American pond turtle family, and not members of the tortoise family. The species commonly kept as pets in the US are the...
  3. StarSapphire22

    URGENT: Little brown dots in worms?!

    A forum member was kind enough to send me 100 red wiggler worms to help me start my worm farm for my boxies. I got the package this morning and its COVERED in these little brown bugs. I'm just starting to raise worms...are these babies, larvae, whatever? Mites? I don't want to add anything to my...
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    Greek Tortoise - Brainerd, MN
  5. StarSapphire22

    Box Turtle Shell Coloration

    I was browsing online for info about Eastern Box Turtles and found myself reading the Wikipedia had this little tidbit: "The vivid shell color found in many eastern box turtles often fades when a turtle is brought into captivity. This has led to the mistaken belief that the color...
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    Follow TFO on Instagram!!!

    TFO is now officially on Instagram!!! Follow @tortoiseforum for your daily dose of tortoise (and occasionally turtle) pictures! Want your tortoise or turtle to be featured on the page? Tag us or use hashtags #tortoiseforum or #tfo and your shelled friends could be shared with hundreds of...
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    Longer signatures?

    I see some people with like 8 line signatures. I tried making one that was 4 lines and it said I was over the character limit and had 1 too many lines. What's going on? Here's what I tried to put: :tort:Jessica:tort: 0.0.1 Eastern Hermanns (Littlefoot) 0.0.5 Eastern Box Turtles (Pippin, Luna...
  8. StarSapphire22

    Raising worms as a protein source

    I have 3-4 ebt hatchlings who will be coming into my care in about 2 months. I've started raising nightcrawlers as a food source. Currently they are housed in a 15 gallon Sterilite tub with organic potting soil. Their food will be scraps from my Hermanns until the boxies get here. What tips do...
  9. StarSapphire22

    Are aquarium plants tortoise/box turtle safe?

    I recently went through and cleaned out all my old aquarium supplies. I have 5 plastic plants still in good shape that I washed with mild dish soap and water. Are these safe to include in enclosures for tortoises/box turtles? Obviously, not keeping them too close to any heat sources so they...
  10. StarSapphire22

    Need name suggestions!

    Hey guys! I'm very excited...I'll be adding 3 or 4 EBT hatchlings to my family around the end of August. The hatchlings will be temperature sexed for 1 male and the remaining 2 or 3 for female. I need names! So far, I like: Pippin (male) Sprout (neutral) Cornelia (female) Luna (female)...
  11. StarSapphire22

    Boxie Hatchling Care

    Recently, I've been looking into getting a trio of EBT hatchlings. Pretty much the only thing stopping me is still needing a definite "yes" from my fiance...but I think I can win him over. :P The thing is, there just isn't much info out there regarding box turtles, what is out there is sometimes...
  12. StarSapphire22

    URGENT!!! Help with baby bird!!!

    There has been some construction going on in my apartment building, being done by my FIL's company. They stumbled across a birds nest while installing new windows and moved it to a tree. When they moved it, they also put it on a large chunk of the fluffy yellow insulation. A baby bird is now...
  13. StarSapphire22

    Is this wildflower seed mix safe?

    My mom picked up some seed mix to use in my favors for my wedding this summer. Wondering if it's safe to plant leftovers for my tort. :)
  14. StarSapphire22

    Pyramiding...but not?

    Littlefoot is a 10 month old Hermann's tortoise. I've had him for 7 months and got him from Chris, so we know he was started well. When I got him he was 1.75" and 20 grams. He's now about 2.75" and 80 grams. I'm attaching some pictures of his shell. They aren't the best, but he wasn't in a...
  15. StarSapphire22

    Adding a second level to a glass tank

    Hey guys! I'd like to add a partial second level to my 75 gallon tank, which currently houses my 9 month old Hermanns Littlefoot. He seems like he is getting a bit bored with his current setup, and I'd like to give him a bit more space. I'm not an especially handy person, but think I can...
  16. StarSapphire22

    Feeding Cucumber

    Hey guys! I have a question about feeding cukes to torts. I know that they are normally too moisture rich to be fed as a staple (unless pooping/uber hydration is what you're going for)...however, I frequently slice up cucumbers for myself as a snack and I don't like the skin on it, so I use a...
  17. StarSapphire22

    Advice for an aspiring zookeeper?

    Hi everyone. :) The last few years I've been on a break from school, paying off debts and trying to figure out what I want to go back for and do with my life. I've changed my mind many many times, but I always seem to come back to zoo-related work. I've finally decided that this is what I...
  18. StarSapphire22

    Is this shellrot?

    Littlefoot is a 9 month old hermanns. For a while now this spot has been growing, but it looked like maybe just a light patch on his shell. Today there is a slight indent there and it seems a little textured. Is this shellrot? An abrasion from his adventures? What can I do?
  19. StarSapphire22

    Feedback on weed growing box/sunny day enclosure plans.

    Hey guys! :) It's snowing today in North Dakota, even though last week we had a high of 78. UGH. I am hopeful that tort-friendly weather will be here soon!!! (please oh please oh please!) Anywho, once it starts to warm up consistently I'd like to be able to take Littlefoot outside when it's...
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    Check out my Etsy - Pebbles & Whimsy!

    Hey guys! :) I've always been a crafty person, and I've dreamed of owning my own I decided to found my own Etsy shop: Pebbles & Whimsy. I make handcrafted jewelry using new, upcycled, and/or semi-precious materials. I also make a few home decor items now and then. :) I'm...