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  1. Taco*mom

    Terrible Shell Rot in Aldabra

    Hi guys, I wonder if you guys can help me out determining this male aldabra's shell rot condition. I’m thinking about buying this male aldabra as he is up for sale. Apparently he's been left neglected for quite some time and I’m worried that the shell is permanently damaged and will hinder him...
  2. Taco*mom

    Volcano Ash on Tortoise.. Is it dangerous?

    Hi guys, The mountain about 37 miles (60km) away from where I live has shown signs of eruption. Local authorities has evacuated certain area.. so far no ash has been detected.. Do you think the ash will be harmful if inhaled by my tortoises? Anybody knows? Getting very concerned.. Thanks...
  3. Taco*mom

    Stone stuck, help!

    Hi guys, Just came back from out if town, fresh from the airport to find my albino sulcata like this. Please see the picture attached. According to the caretaker, he has been trying to push a stone out and around 5pm today she can still see the white stone at the end of the anus. Now it is...
  4. Taco*mom

    Albino Sulcata Buyer Beware

    Hi everyone, Just want to share my horrible experience with you. I were not gonna post anything, but my family, good friend and senior member of this forum really suggest that I do. So here it is. I purchased 4 albino sulcatas and 6 hets from a breeder in Florida, who unfortunately, starts...
  5. Taco*mom

    Coco coir gets into Albino sulcata hatchling's eyes. helpp

    I have just acquired new tort additions two days ago and was waiting for the dust to settle down before I introduce them to the forum. But this late afternoon when I soaked them, I noticed that the coco coir has gotten into one of the tortoise's both eyes. I was freaked out. I soaked it for 45...
  6. Taco*mom

    Need help sexing sulcata

    Hi y'all. I need help guessing, or maybe even better, confirming the gender of these three sulcata. They are around 11". I am going to divide it into 3 post to avoid any confusion.. Here is sulcata number 1
  7. Taco*mom

    Looking to buy Subadult Ivory SULCATAS or 100% HETS

    Looking to buy Subadult Ivories or 100% Hets. Will also consider adult. Split-scutes are not a problem. Please PM. Thank you
  8. Taco*mom

    Hello and thank you!

    Hi everyone. I just want to introduce myself. Been a member since early of this month and just decided to come out of my shell. :oops: I live in Indonesia and I have a sulcata named Taco. I had it since him was a week old (just call "him" for now). Luv him to pieces.. he is so adorable...