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  1. Armadillogroomer

    Moving to NYC

    How exciting :) and stressful There are national food services that charge by the box, and then there's supermarket delivery. Before COVID there were less options, now a lot of stores have jumped into the delivery game. Whole Foods is the most consistent I've seen, every one I've been to...
  2. Armadillogroomer

    Compassion for tortoises compared to mammals

    I'm glad you brought this up because I have things I want to get off of my chest in a place where I feel like people understand. I'm one of those humans that will pack-bond with anything. I wouldn't say I love my car, but I'm very attached to it and do everything I can to take care of it. It's...
  3. Armadillogroomer

    Red foot- 3 years old, eating fruit/vegs only after they’ve dried up

    Did she used to eat ravenously as a little one but became lazier over time? That's what happened with my red foot. Now I chop the veggies because they will wilted and get rubbery by the time she eats. She used to always eat after a soak too, now it's 50/50. After becoming a "teenager," she hangs...
  4. Relax time

    Relax time

    Rainforest exhibit at NC Zoo. Didn't take a lot of pics, but these guys made me smile.
  5. Armadillogroomer

    Intro and help needed with hatchling eastern box turtle

    Imo, native turtles should be released. But captive-bred reptiles are not hard to find on our side of the map if you're interested in joining us turtle nerds.
  6. Armadillogroomer

    Hello from Florida—Introducing Bob, our adopted red foot

    Hey there, You're an anonymous entity here, so nobody knows if you're telling the truth or not. The original request for pics was not antagonistic, it's in the interest of tortoises. We love pictures of torts. I associate most of the people here with the tortoises that they own. But also...
  7. Armadillogroomer

    Hello and help making an enclosure

    Welcome to the tortoise party! I second the recommendation for HermanniChris. If you can't reach him here, he has a good website: Hermanni Haven. You will always find discrepancies - for example, Chris says no glass, but other experienced keepers may not have had an issue with it and will...
  8. Armadillogroomer

    My torty is better than EVERYONE else's!!! (SF Bay Area(CA) area members)

    Does Dartanian only grow car-sized when he's hungry, or is it random? Your pictures have me cracking up 😄
  9. Armadillogroomer

    Large juvenile cherryhead - Wilmington NC/Myrtle Beach area

    Relocating and concerned for my red foot's welfare. I would prefer this tortoise stay in the Southeast/coastal/humid region. I can deliver, depending on distance. No shipping. They are chunky, but still able to fully tuck up. Born July 2019. From top of the shell to the bottom, they are about...
  10. Armadillogroomer

    Life’s been kickin my...

    I am feeling you. It was a long period of peace and then one thing after another for me too. May 2021 can go suck it! 🍋🍋🍋 Autoimmune disorders are frustrating. Please hang in there <3
  11. Armadillogroomer

    Plants that will survive a red foot

    This is the only plant I've had survive in my red foot's enclosure. It's on a side that she doesn't frequent, but you can see she's still bulldozed it. (The pothos to the left is fake) The ironic part is that fly traps are native to where I live now, but I bought this in Oklahoma 😄 I honestly...
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    Welcome! If you grow strawberries/tomatoes/squash and don't want to share, be sure your garden is fenced off. He/she is likely to stick around the area, so have a good look around before using machinery like mowers, especially if you allow the grass to get high.
  13. Armadillogroomer

    Someone on reddit saying that owning a tortoise supports the illegal pet trade. Thoughts?

    What a dingo. Illegal trading is happening and harmful (people steal our wild turtles here), but that has nothing to do with captive-bred species. I don't know if this will help anyone else that tends to get heated with online posting, but I use a Firefox add-on called Impulse Blocker. I'm sure...
  14. Armadillogroomer

    Young redfoot tortoise behaviour. help

    That baby face 🥰 Young ones do sleep a lot, but they should have an appetite. It is okay to take him out for a soak once a day. After a daily soak, you can spend a little time with him and try to hand-feed before putting him back in the enclosure. I used to give dried shrimps as a treat after...
  15. Armadillogroomer

    Wannabe tortoise owner- need your opinions on my plan!

    Welcome! When I worked directly with pet stores (retail chains, no mom-and-pop stores), I never once met an adult Russian that was aggressive to people. Most of them were curious and wanted to explore. That doesn't mean a 10+ year old Russian won't suddenly get hormonal one day, but that's...
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    A big welcome to you and your crew! :tort:
  17. Armadillogroomer

    Russian tortoise poop

    Hey there! 👋 Welcome! I wouldn't panic yet, but something could be off. Often it's a matter of improper diet or temperature and can be fixed. Give this care sheet a read to be sure those needs are being met...
  18. Armadillogroomer

    Tortoise Scream, Help.

    Any update? I'm intrigued. I've heard pond turtles make a raspy meow-like screech when startled. A lot of people seem to have red foots quacking and making noises lately. Mine just farts and hisses.
  19. Armadillogroomer

    uk foraging for weeds plants pesticide free??

    Not UK specific, but a lot of folks here have private land or know private land where they can pick. None of it is untouched, but rural areas away from wetlands are hit much more lightly. I'm currently living in an area that's heavy-handed with pesticides (along with water pollution), so I rely...
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    If it's more of a superficial wound, some regular antibiotic ointment is okay to use. If you want to pick up something specifically for animals, I like Vetericyn myself. I feel you there. May I suggest a grow tent? It's such a wonderful budget enclosure for (indoor) red foots.