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  1. Amberlamothe23

    Breeding mealworms

    Is there someone that can possible ship some darkling beetles(mealworm beetles) to harlem geargia. Or someone close by that I can get some beetles from. I bought some mealworms and they havent pupated yet. And no the were regular old mealworms, not the giant ones that are sterile and wont...
  2. Amberlamothe23

    Turtle needs help, atlanta

    I need someone who is close to this address. The person is loosing her home and needs a trmporary home for two turtles with a tank. Please help. Phone number is 6785355934. She needs help before this monday, she will be kicked out.
  3. Amberlamothe23

    purple waffle plant

    Is it safe for my turtles to eat?
  4. Amberlamothe23

    How to know

    How do you know when your turtle is going to lay eggs? Or when to dig them up and incubate them... several of my turtles are egg bearing. I found 2 babies musk in early August. So how do i know?
  5. Amberlamothe23

    What type of box?

    I rescued this turtle and took it ti the vet from a dog attack. But it has been a long time in captivity so I am going to keep her. But I have not a clue as to what species she is. An you help.
  6. Amberlamothe23

    Eastern box

    I am looking for a eastern box. I love them snd they are my favorite. I have 1 male and 2 female. But one is not ready to lay eggs yet and the male harasses my egg laying baby. So if someone has one and wants to give it away. I am here. Also I am new and want some friends. :)