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  1. jtrux

    2016 sulcatas - het for ivory

    They are a couple weeks old now and doing really well. They are being raised in a humid environment with soaks twice daily which is evident by their super-smooth growth. They are fed a nutrient-rich diet consisting of Mazuri and chopped greens which are dusted with calcium supplement, as...
  2. jtrux

    Baby sulcata's first peek into the world

    First one of this clutch to hatch. This particular little one is het for ivory. It is the product of ivory X het breeding. More pics to come!
  3. jtrux

    "High-white" leopard tort youngster

    I figured I'd share a couple pics I took the other day.
  4. jtrux

    Just hangin' out

  5. jtrux

    Love is in the air...

    I had to zoom in quite a bit to take the shot but here is a shot of my Indian stars doing their thing. The lone female taking a break afterwards. It's pretty warm down here in S. Texas this time of year so they frequently gather 'round the waterin' hole for a drink throughout the day...
  6. jtrux

    Getting ready for bath time!

    Every morning these little guys get a nice warm bath to get their day started. I place them in the tub and then slowly fill it will some warm water.
  7. jtrux

    TSF Indian star baby

    This animal was produced by **** Bartlett and was incubated at 89 degrees for a high probability of being female, however, the sex is not guaranteed. "She" is feeding well on greens including: red-leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, clovers and various yard weeds. She doesn't have a strong appetite...
  8. jtrux


    This morning I received my TSF elegans sisters from **** Bartlett. Great guy, BTW. The transaction went very smoothly. They enjoyed their soak this evening after having a few hours to relax in their enclosure post arrival.
  9. jtrux

    New sulcata babies

    Here's a couple I picked up two weeks ago.
  10. jtrux

    Some yellowfoot love...

    We don't see too many YF threads so I thought I would start one on my new addition. I picked up this little fella for two reasons. 1) Size and growth potential - it's very big for it's age and is growing rapidly. I think (hope) she will be a monster YF. 2) Possible female - even though...
  11. jtrux

    NEW Mazuri LS diet

    If you have any inquiries, please PM me OR email me. Thank you. This is the new LS tortoise diet from Mazuri. There are two main differences that I know of. Firstly, the main ingredient is Timothy hay, unlike the original blend where the main ingredient is ground soybean hulls. There are...
  12. jtrux

    NEW Mazuri LS diet

    This is Mazuri's new LS tortoise diet. Unlike the original tortoise diet formula, the main ingredient on this one is Timothy Hay. 2lb bags are $15 shipping included. I accept payment through PayPal at [email protected] Thank you, Josh[hr]I just wanted to add something. These pellets...
  13. jtrux

    "Herbal Hay"

    Herbal tortoise hay - Tortoise Supply I recently tried out the Herbal Tortoise Hay from Tortoise Supply and I was really impressed by it. I own a young Gpb leopard tortoise and she devours it every time I offer it. I place a small pinch on top of the Mazuri and she will mow through it...
  14. jtrux

    Some Gpb love

    Since the Gpp have been stealing the spotlight lately I decided to give a small update on my "little" Gpb. I bought "her" right at a year ago from a breeder here on TFO. She was maybe a month old then so she is right at a year or so in age. Took some measurements a few days ago and weighed...
  15. jtrux

    Another tegu???

    Yep, I bought another one, they are so damn cute. Red tegu from Ty Park. I saw a black and white/red hybrid and decided I wanted to make my own so I bought a female red to raise up for a future breeding project.
  16. jtrux

    Albino boa/hypomelanistic boa pair for sale

    Here's the link to my ad on Fauna Classifieds.
  17. jtrux

    Anyone want some pie?

    New female pied. She is by far the sweetest ball python I own. The two spiders I own are very skittish and shy and the normal is very cage aggressive but OK when you get her out.
  18. jtrux

    I've never seen anything like this, just incredible

    I don't care if you never intend on owning any kind of lizard or crocodile, this is nothing short of amazing. Page 2 has a video that you will have to watch twice...amazing.
  19. jtrux

    Baby leopard tortoise - last one

    This is the last baby I have available this year. He has been raised 'hot and humid' since day one. He is now several months old and doing very well. He is fed a varied diet and accepts everything readily. No need to worry about sudden infant death syndrome, as this little guy is already...
  20. jtrux

    Update - almost a year

    I've almost had him/her a year. Purchased last year in Oct. Current weight is 475 grams and just shy of 5" SCL. He's been outside for the last 4 months or so and I've seen his shell get a little rough in that time but not terrible at all. I wouldn't consider it pyramided.