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  1. Kayti

    Baby putting on some weight; wow

    The day I got my baby Leopard, 5.18.10, he weighed 47 grams. I just weighed him today, 5.31.10, and he is 60 grams even! I'm thinking maybe he was a bit dehydrated after his trip? He drinks water everyday now, and I know that can add a bit of weight. But seriously, 13 grams in 13 days?? He's...
  2. Kayti

    More Paranoia

    Aside from being an obvious lady, does anyone else see a bit of swelling happening on Mona's legs in this picture? I've been watching them carefully for the past few days and comparing them to Ed's, and I think they are puffy-er. Or is she just a little pudgier? (She never sticks them out this...
  3. Kayti

    New home for Crested Gecko, Charlie

    I am looking for a new home for my Crested Gecko, Charlie, for a number of reasons. I am talking to some people from a gecko forum, but it occurred to me that someone from here might be interested too! Here is what I posted on Pangea: I would like to find a new home for my male Crested...
  4. Kayti

    New Enclosure for Skrilla

    I finally moved Skrilla into the big enclosure I made for her a couple weeks ago. It's still a tad big, but I got tired of waiting! I made it using to the Crossfire designs for a bearded dragon enclosure, with a few modifications- mainly, the screen top because I don't like in-cage fixtures...
  5. Kayti

    My New Baby!

    Is not here yet- but check out this weird tracking info! He/she is out for delivery! Medford is only half an hour from my house! Also, ONTARIO, CA, US? Weird. I hope they kept him warm.
  6. Kayti

    Is this normal?

    Edward displays his man parts at least once a day now. And yesterday in the bath I think he ejaculated- it looked like urates, but clearer and slimier. Today, I just saw him obviously straining, so much so that his eyes swelled and puffed up. He was pulling his head inside his shell as if...
  7. Kayti

    Leopard Parents!

    Richard Fife just sent me pictures of the (probable) parents of his latest clutch! The dad is in front, and is definitely the father. The mother is unknown, but is probably the one in back.
  8. Kayti

    Serious Decision Making Help Required

    I contacted Richard Fife because I am interested in getting a Geochelone pardalis babcocki, and he seems like the breeder out of my dreams. (Anyone else dealt with him?) But I don't know what to do. I feel kind of rushed, and I am still really sad about Delaware... But I don't want to wait too...
  9. Kayti

    Serious Decision Making Help Required

  10. Kayti

    Ed and Mona in the sun;

    It's sunny and warm today, so I took Ed and Mona out to enjoy it a bit. Mona ate a bit of dandelion, dug a cute little hole, and sampled her seedlings daintily. Ed bit me, took a massive dump, and got a boner. :/ Seedlings coming in: Mona being cute with a petal on her face...
  11. Kayti


    I just came home, and something is very wrong with Delaware- I don't think she is breathing, and all her limbs are sprayed out. I thought she was dead, but she just convulsed. My roomates have taken all the cars, so I can't rush her to the vet What should I do? I think she might already be dead
  12. Kayti


    The baby birds under my window JUST hatched! They are Scrub Jays, and freaking ADORABLE. I've been waiting for weeks, and they finally arrived! The momma bird stepped off the nest for a minute and just stared at me while I took 9 billion photos. She's been very tolerant of my nosiness :)...
  13. Kayti

    Lizard Boy, becoming a Lizard-Man

    I've had my Alligator Lizard since he was a tail-less hatch-ling. Since then, he has shed 4 times, and grown a LOT. He is also constantly getting new behaviors, and is pretty much the coolest lizard ever. He hangs from his tail like a monkey. He jumps. And recently, he has taken up digging, like...
  14. Kayti

    Horray New Growth! Still Pyramiding?

    Alrighty, so awhile ago I posted a thread about my Russians, both of which were pretty obviously pyramiding. They had been fed nothing but greens their entire lives, so the consensus was that they did not have enough humidity. (Despite frequently misting their coco husk substrate- whoever says...
  15. Kayti

    Tort Aggression!

    Hi tortoise forum! Long time no chat. Something weird has come up and I wanted to share. My male Russian Tortoise Ed (~2 years old, and now definitively male) has recently started eating my probably-female Russian Tortoise Mona, with whom he has been housed his entire life. He has always...
  16. Kayti


    This is probably going to be my last post here. Blatant sexism went unchecked in the debatable topics thread, and those few good people who called it out had their comments deleted, even in a thread about badmouthing. The mods are afraid to call certain people out because they have...
  17. Kayti

    Flies in Cypress Mulch!

    I am literally being driven mad by these things. They are not fruit flies, I think. They barely fly, and they don't look exactly like fruit flies, but they are pretty similar and very very tiny. They are getting exponentially worse every day. It's at the point now where why I put my hand on the...
  18. Kayti

    Sulcata on CL "Beautiful African Spurred Tortoise for sale. I have had him for 5 years. He has had great health. Comes with wood cage, two lights and water dish. U.v. bulb and 100 wt reptile heat lamp. Great pet for children. Quiet and clean-no smell. He is...
  19. Kayti

    New (First) Crested Gecko!

    I just got him to eat for me! He's the sweetest boy ever. He is (apparently) a "dark olive flame" morph, which you can't see in this photo because he is fired down. I'm so proud of him :D He lives in a 18x18x24 exo terra: He is 28 grams, and super hard to photograph because my hands shake so...
  20. Kayti

    Delaware's First Cactus!

    t_mclellan sent me what looks like a life time supply of cactus! I served it up yesterday, and everyone went nuts for it! It's so awesome! Thanks again Tom! :D Delaware thanks you too!:D