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  1. Torty Mom

    He's Back!!!! I am so excited!!

    I just picked Low Rider up from his human!! He doesn't look so good, but not too bad either!! Shell looks good, but he is very lethargic!!! Hardly will open his eyes! poor baby!!! Dang and now I have to go back to work! Hubby will feed him again in 2 hours as he only took...
  2. Torty Mom

    Aww........ So Sweet! We all need a friend like this!! :D I hope this works, it's super cute!!
  3. Torty Mom

    Lou ~ Reflections of the first year!

    So today is our 1 year anniversary of having my tortie man LOU. It's been a rough year, but I believe he is happy and healthy, FINALLY. Some of you may not know, but Lou lived in a cardboard box and was fed when she heard him scratching. His skin was so pale and his eyes very, very puffy. He...
  4. Torty Mom

    Info on Lisa ~ Nascarmw

    So here is a synopsis of Lisa's life the last few months. I took her to an appt on July 20th. The Dr. was just going to look into her pancreas because it has been making her very sick. She was to stay in the hospital over night. Well, the DR. perforated her pancreas while he was looking...
  5. Torty Mom

    Spiders Especially For Steph

    Found some spiders the other day and thought you may like to see them. Want one or two or three? If you click on the picture it's gets bigger.
  6. Torty Mom

    Other Favorite Tortie Pictures

    I'm your silly tortie pictures. Here is one of Baby Marley. He used to sleep in that container when he was smaller. He was trying to get into it, but he no longer fits!! If you click on the picture it gets bigger.
  7. Torty Mom


    O AnthonyC, AnthonyC wherefore art thou AnthonyC? Dude, this place just aint' the same with out you....... *sniffles one lonely tear falling ever so slowly*
  8. Torty Mom

    I'm sad ~ saying good bye

    Well, I gave Low Rider back to his Mom today. I am sad, I am gonna miss that little guy! I kept telling myself not to get attached, easier said than done. She said he looked amazing. We had a long talk and I think she is much more prepared now! He still needs to be hand fed, so I showed...
  9. Torty Mom

    Update on Lisa *nascarmw*

    Went to visit Lisa today, last week she was tested because they thought she had an infection in her heart. Thankfully that is not the case. She still has the VRE, her blood pressure is still too high 190/100ish, so she said something is wrong with her heart. They are sending her down to UCLA...
  10. Torty Mom

    Update on Lisa *nascarmw* and VRT?

    So just got home from visiting Lisa. She is doing so much better than a few days ago, we could actually talk. Yay! Which she has not been able to do for 3 weeks!!! I brought her a yummy pumpkin smoothie from Jamba. The nurse said she has tested positive for VRT. So I had to wear a gown...
  11. Torty Mom

    Low Rider's Growth Line!!

    Here is a picture of Low Rider's growth line!! Yay!!!!
  12. Torty Mom

    Prayers Needed

    Lisa (nascarmw) is back into the hospital. She went back yesterday afternoon, I was suppose to go see her, but I am fighting a cold myself. She is dehydrated, anemic, disoriented and has a really bad infection from where one of her tubes was. For the last few days her speech was slurred and...
  13. Torty Mom

    Article on Desert Tortoises being Moved Interesting article, however I am not happy with the fact that they are releasing them on October 1st, how is that going to give them time...
  14. Torty Mom

    Empty Nest Syndrome

    My house is always busy with action, lately it's tooooooo quiet! I'm sad and I'm lonely!!!!! 1. Lou ditched me and went to bed at 3 pm. 2. Son ditched me for flag football practice. 3. Hubby is out of town for a long time :P oops, I mean :( 4. Big son not home from work until 6 pm...
  15. Torty Mom

    Lou is missing??? Hmmmmmm

    So, the first thing I do when I get home from work is check on Lou and the babies, so I couldn't find him anywhere. I looked and looked. My stomach starting flip flopping. My yard is TOTALLY escape proof. So as I was standing there ready to cry and go for help, I saw this basket sitting...
  16. Torty Mom

    Puree'd Cactus & Pricky Pear

    I was wondering if anyone knows how long you can keep puree'd cactus in the fridge? They gobble it down when it's puree'd. Yummy!!!
  17. Torty Mom

    Turtle/ Tortoise glass beads on Etsy

    These are sooooo cute! Couldn't imagine making something so tiny! Must be difficult!
  18. Torty Mom


    Well good news first Lisa (nascarmw) is coming home tomorrow!!! Bad new, I have been crying all evening, her tortoise Elliott died today. I am sick to my stomach, I can't stop crying, I don't even know what to say or do. He was her life and kept her going with all the surgeries she has had...
  19. Torty Mom

    Found the cutest tortie baby item on etsy!!!

    Awww, this is sooooo cute!! Anyone have a newborn??? I just listed some new things to sell and I came across this. SOOOOO adorable!!!
  20. Torty Mom

    Well, well, well some tortie is BUSTED

    Well, look what my boy Lou did today while I was at work......... I am sooo proud he dug his first hole!!! He is busted because he got into the garden behind a tomato plant which WAS fenced off by a picket fence, mowed right over that puppy and started digging. Of course there are plenty of...