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  1. BrookeB

    Life’s been kickin my...

    I’m not usually one to complain but lately one thing after another has been happening in my life and I’m feeling swamped with the stress it’s been causing. On a good note my leopard tortoises are all doing great. But I’m building 3 outdoor enclosures and I’ve fallen behind on that. A huge oak...
  2. BrookeB

    Leopard tortoise hatchlings updates + Pictures

    So my leopard hatchlings are doing great, they are growing well and have been no trouble so far. This is my first leopard she’s approximately 10 months old. I got her from a friend who could no longer take care of her, and she had the beginning of pyramiding but we where able to stop that from...
  3. BrookeB

    Sudanese Sulcata Captive Population and Breeding

    Captive Sudanese genetic population questions 1. Is Brad Morris still breeding tortoises? (Not trying to be insensitive if he has passed or something along those lines but I cannot find any information on him or his tortoises) 2. I understand that a very limited number of Sudanese Sulcatas...
  4. BrookeB

    New growth on leopards tortoises

    My leopard babies seem to be doing well. My scale broke so I’m waiting on a new one. I was wondering how my torts look to you. The largest baby had minor pyramiding before I got her so I’m hoping that she is better now.. the smaller two are younger than the first but growing well.
  5. BrookeB

    Baby pictures and updates

    Just stopped by to post some pictures.. my leopards are doing great and the one Sulcata hatchling I have left is doing really well also... whole family has covid so I’ve been away for a while.. thank you again @Tom and @Gijoux for such beautiful babies. I wish I did better with your babies Tom...
  6. BrookeB

    Please help. (hatchling is lethargic)

    So I have one sulcata hatchling that is and has been pretty lethargic. Im worried that she’s not going to survive. In fact I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but they all seem to be growing extremely slow and two are not doing well compared to the leopards.. the Leopards where 2-3 months old when...
  7. BrookeB

    I may have a problem

    If you’re reading this you probably have a problem too... I’m addicted to tortoises, I have 3 leopard tortoises (8 month old- two 6 month old) and I have 3 Sudanese sulcatas (3 months old) and I’m already planning on getting another baby in the beginning of next year. I just love these guys so...
  8. BrookeB

    Started new build

    So I’m starting my inside table (closed table) for my babies in the next few days😫 feeling anxious as I start.. will post pictures as I build and the final project when done.. probably won’t be done for a while because I will second guess everything.. wish me luck lol
  9. BrookeB

    So many new babies!

    Just received my new babies today. They are home and safe and happy. I love them already ❤❤😍😍 I got three Sudanese sulcatas from @Tom and two Leopards from @Gijoux to add to the one leopard hatchling I was given... First I would like to say, “thank you!” to both of these amazing breeders for...
  10. BrookeB

    Split/extra scutes are more prone to HFS?

    Ok so I’m really stupid, I stayed on a Facebook group🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ well was asking if anyone had adults with split scutes and someone chimed in and said that split or extra scutes are more prone to hatchling failure syndrome. Is this true? I’m planning on buying 2 leopard hatchlings with split...
  11. BrookeB

    Facebook groups suck

    I guess you can debate me on this but honestly almost every time I see a post on a tortoise Facebook group I want to yell and like 25-50% of the time someone fights me over either humidity or diet or some other care. 🙄 like they literally reply to my suggestions and argue with me.. I just don’t...
  12. BrookeB

    Building my outdoor pastures and enclosures

    Ok so within the next few months I’m going to start building a large outdoor enclosure. We have a really small one now. Once that’s done I’m planning on starting my pastures as I want them very well established before I introduce any of my tortoises. My outdoor enclosure is going to be roughly...
  13. BrookeB

    I’M so STUPID (CHE came unscrewed)

    So, I’ve been really happy with pebbles and her continued growth, she’s smooth and gaining weight and I’m happy. But yesterday I was so flipping stupid I could punch myself, yesterday I decided her closed chamber needed cleaning (it definitely did) so spent the majority of the day completely...
  14. BrookeB

    Tracking Pebbles growth

    So I’ve decided to track Pebbles (my leopard tortoise hatchling) growth and shell smoothness. Hopefully I will do this about 2x a month this is Pebbles when I got him 6-15-20 53 grams
  15. BrookeB

    Did I just sign up for something I will regret

    So, in all honesty this is NOT how I wanted to get another tortoise. Especially a baby. I have lost 6 babies over the past 8 years. The first 2 where 8 years ago. One was a Sulcata and the other was a leopard. They where both hatchlings, and they both died in the first 3 months of life. To be...
  16. BrookeB

    Found tort need help with id

    If he’s not back in his home I will be taking him from my sister and mother.. they live in Ventura county, ca and don’t know how to care for him.. what species is he and what dose his care and diet look like.
  17. BrookeB

    Worst few months of my life

    This is just a way of me venting without doing it to my family seeing as they are also hurting right now. In September I bought 4 beautiful baby tortoises (for my birthday), everything seemed fine but slowly they started to become ill, I already knew what I had done wrong, I bought from a bad...
  18. BrookeB

    I think I may just suck at this.

    I don’t think I can do this anymore, I wake up every morning hoping for improvement with my babies but every day it’s the same. They don’t eat, they barely move and they don’t open their eyes. According to everything on here the enclosures are perfect and their diet is perfect. I still go...
  19. BrookeB

    Where to buy leopards and sulcatas?

    So, I bought from LLLReptile and I believe the tortoises I got may have been started wrong. Unfortunately they are not thriving the way I hoped in the best conditions I can provide. I have much space here at my new ranch and wish to have a large number of tortoises at some point. Who sells...
  20. BrookeB

    Please help (closed eyes)

    So first off there are no vets in my area and I called all the normal vets and the will not see me, I can’t drive 150+ miles due to my own health issues but I honestly don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I have 4 baby tortoises, 2 leopards and 2 sulcata all hatchlings. They all have separate...