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  1. soundwave

    New outdoor tortoise enclosure

    Hello gang, I just want to share my process of building an outdoor enclosure for my adult Hermanns. I current live in a townhouse so I have small terrace on my back. I like to take my torts outside when the weather is permits. Nothing better than cooking on the BBQ, drinking beer and...
  2. soundwave

    Black Gold® Waterhold CocoBlend

    Hi, I was wondering if this product is okay to use in the tortoise enclosure. Here is are listed ingredients. Regionally formulated: contains Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, coconut fiber, earthworm castings, pumice, dolomite lime, and an organic wetting agent thanks for your help...
  3. soundwave

    hatching period

    Hi gang, My question is, can eggs hatch at different months if they were laid in the same batch? I have 4 eggs laid on New Years day. One hatched on Feb 27. The other three haven't hatched yet but I see embryo development in two of them. One seem to be rotten. thanks for the advice...
  4. soundwave

    New Hermann Hatchling

    So I returned from Vegas on Tuesday morning. On Tuesday night, I found this little guy breaking out of his egg. This morning he is completely out of his egg. His name is Casey after the character in the show Chuck.
  5. soundwave

    Wanted: tortoises in Western Canada

    Hi, Please let me know if there are any available tortoise in Western Canada. I prefer tortoises from breeders than pet stores. Looking for Hermanns, Russians, Greeks or Pancake tortoise. Thank you Ton
  6. soundwave

    Hibernation options

    Hi, I'm not comfortable with hibernating my three adult hermann yet. What are my alternative to hibernating my tortoise? I keep hearing the term cooling your tortoise but not sure what that means? Thanks
  7. soundwave

    unburied eggs

    Hi, What does it mean when eggs are laid but not buried? I found 4 eggs New Years eve but they are unburied. Previous had 4 eggs laid that were semi buried on Sept.2 but not hatch yet and two laid in August that produced one hatchling. I'm pretty amazed that my female laid three clutches...
  8. soundwave

    Look what I found today

    After the arrival of my first hatchling Linus. I found four more eggs. This is her second clutch in 70 days. She had laid two eggs for the first clutch. There is now 5 eggs in the incubator! Is there any risk with her laying too much clutches in a year? Thanks
  9. soundwave

    Hatchling Light Setup

    Hi, I have question on what UVB light that I should use for new hatchling? I normally use MVB for my large hermanns but I'm concerned about use a MVB this early in his life. The MVB won't work in a small enclosure. He is currently in small 15"x 8" plastic on container. I'm use spot lamp...
  10. soundwave

    My Hermanns

    An "Hi Neighbor" pic Couple pic of girlfriend's nephew Mommy and Daddy to baby Linus
  11. soundwave

    Linus day three

    Linus enjoying some fresh air
  12. soundwave

    Linus day Two

    Linus escaped from his shell and enjoying the freedom
  13. soundwave

    hatchling just came

    One my eggs just hatched. I'm not sure what do at the moment. He is struggling to get out of his egg and keep rolling up side down. Any advice will be appreciated. Ton One happy new tortoise dad.[hr] should leave him in the incubator until he fully breaks out of the egg? thanks
  14. soundwave


    Hi, My local reptile store is now carrying cactus pads. He gave me some as a sample and my tortoises love it. I was wondering how often can I include NOPAL CACTUS PADS (prickly pear) in my hermann tortoise diet. Thanks
  15. soundwave

    tortoise Cellar

    I converted a wine cellar to a tortoise cellar. I have a 8 x 2 ft tortoise table for my three Hermanns. It's basically to 4X2 ft boxes that are connected together.
  16. soundwave

    Hermann Egg- First time, panicing, need advice!!!

    Hi, I just found two eggs in my indoor enclosure. The eggs are currently located in 50/50 sand and coco bark. They are located near the basking area and the temp is around 80F. Should I move them? I currently don't have an incubator , does anyone have advice where to buy one. This there...
  17. soundwave

    grow light

    Hi, I have indoor enclouse for my three Hermann tortosie. The enclosure is 8 ft by 2 and located in basement. The room was a old wine cellar but I use it as a tortoise cellar. My torts have a outdoor enclosure but I keep them inside while I'm at work. I was wondering if anyone uses a plant...
  18. soundwave

    Tortoise Food Freeze Dried Instant Meal

    Hi, I purchased Tortoise Food Instant Meal by SFBB. It's freezed dried food containing Organic Catus leaves, mushrooms, pumpkins, dandelion greens,corn, carrot, green beans, calendula flower pedals and calcuim carbonate. I gave some to my Hermann tortoises and they loved the stuff. Any...
  19. soundwave

    Light Cycle Unit Electronic Dimming Terrarium Lamp

    Hi, Has anyone tried this product? Light Cycle Unit Electronic Dimming Terrarium Lamp Controller - 2 x 20 watt Fits two fluorescent bulbs Dims fluorescent tubes (dusk and dawn effect!) Built-in timer Ideal...
  20. soundwave


    Hello everyone, I'm getting a new member to my tortoise family in two weeks. I getting a 3 year old Eastern female Hermann to add to my Hermann family. I aleady have two Hermanns. How long should I keep the new tortoise quarantined for? Thanks Ton Here is a pic of the new gal.