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  1. doubletorts

    my new double dapple mini weenie!

    I can't wait to see pics, by this description I have a Double Dapple and didn't know it,She will be 3 next month, she has 2 blue eyes.I just told people that she is multi colored,her front has a lot of white with some dappling, and she is a Spoiled Little Princes. Len The blue eyes do not...
  2. doubletorts

    my new double dapple mini weenie!

    A double dapple is when you breed two dapples together. It is not recommended because of health issues. "Double dapple is the result of both the mother and the father dog giving the pup a dapple gene. For example, the father dog gives the pup the gene first and dapples his back legs and tail...
  3. doubletorts

    What's the significance of your tortoise(s)'s name(s)?

    My first sully I named "her" Nalla from the Lion King because I was going to get a male and name him Simba (some adult shells reminded me of the ring of fur on their neck). Well Nalla died two weeks later. However, I got another one and named him Tonka (like Tonka trucks) because I knew I wanted...
  4. doubletorts

    Central florida

    I live in Orlando.
  5. doubletorts

    Central florida

    I live in Central Florida :) and own 2 sullies.
  6. doubletorts

    Funny Stories

    Tonka (my bigger one) looooves to make a mess. Anytime I make the enclosure all nice and neat, the first thing he does is make a mess. I put moss in their humid hide and the first thing he did was dragged it across the table. Yesterday I put some hay in there for them to eat, and what does he...
  7. doubletorts

    I found her like this!!

    Wow, when I saw that I thought she was gone too. But then I read it, and laughed. That's really cute but definitely can be a scary sight! ..glad she's just sleeping!
  8. doubletorts

    Favorite tortoise species ?

    I love my sully's. But I looove the looks of Leos and plan to get some when I can. But of course I HAVE to have an Aldabra when I have enough space to house one :))
  9. doubletorts

    Question on Pyramiding

    Unfortunately at this time I am not able to permanently separate the two, but I am trying to feed them separately. However, when I take the smaller one out the feed he doesn't want to some times. But whenever I put food in its enclosure it will race to the bowl like a typically tortoise would...
  10. doubletorts

    Question on Pyramiding

    True, thanks![hr] That does make sense. and I have to say, I think I might actually agree. Lol. Well at least for my situation. My torts were not from the same breeders, so that is a very good opinion I must say :) Thanks.
  11. doubletorts

    Question on Pyramiding

    So I had asked Tom this: I have two Sulcata's, both a little over 2 years old. However, the older one is slightly bigger with a smooth shell and the other is smaller with a little pyramiding. I got them 2 months apart when they were both 2 months old. Making my oldest 2 months older (if that...
  12. doubletorts

    saw him in a pet store

    This tortoise looks really good.
  13. doubletorts

    Feeder fish for my RES crew

    I used to have RES and I would buy several dozen of the feeder fish as well. What kind are you buying? Rosies or regular gold fish? Mine preferred regular gold fish because there is more meat on them. Although they would eat the rosies they weren't big fans. Another factor can be the size of...
  14. doubletorts

    How does my little guy's shell look? PICS

    He looks really good!
  15. doubletorts

    LOTSS of Pictures of the Greeks&&Gupta

    Beautiful colors on those Greeks, I'm considering getting some one day :)
  16. doubletorts

    Welcome Home Torts!

    Thanks! And ha, they are tort trails. I don't know why, but I tried so hard to smooth it out to look nice for them, but I forgot that they would leave trails once moved in there. lol. You can see they have been busy! :)
  17. doubletorts

    Shell-E's Home!

    She looks great!
  18. doubletorts

    Welcome Home Torts!

    Thanks! I'm so excited to finally have it done! I have 2 Sulcata tortoises.
  19. doubletorts

    Welcome Home Torts!

    Their new enclosure! :)
  20. doubletorts

    Starting my tort enclosure tonight! :)

    8X4 Plywood. Believe it or not, it actually looks bigger in person and my torts look a lot smaller as well. They have A LOT more room to walk now. :) ..wasn't able to figure out how to do a stable 2nd floor. :/ maybe in the future.