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  1. jonathan512

    Turtle diggs for gold

    i noticed my turtles love digging in the sand ha ha i caught E.T doing some serious digging earlier.
  2. jonathan512

    Colorful turdles

    hey everyone its been awhile since ive posted so i thought id share some of my favorite recent pics. heres a few pics of my color morphs Tequila Mocha Blizz Apples ET & last but not least Maximus Thanks 4 looking
  3. jonathan512

    Funny blue concentric DBT dance's

    so this is an old vid of my female blue concentric Blizzard,she was going thru a shed at the time and was doing a funny little dance lol behold
  4. jonathan512

    New turtle pics !_!

    Thought id share some more pics of my growing little bunch ,soon as the warm weather comes around some of these guys will be going to the pond for some natural light & fresh air. 1st pic is a shot of E.T (Caramel.P), Tequila (Super gold phase hybino), & Blizzard (Blue concentric DBT)...
  5. jonathan512

    New Turtle! ^^

    well ive received a new addition to my group she's a temp sexed 2 1/2 inch super gold phase hybino A.K.A hypo translucent RES. I got her from TurtleMorphs i was lucky to get to her in time she was going to sell fast lol, anyway he's a nice easy to work with breeder seems to care a lot for the...
  6. jonathan512

    My 125 gallon hatchling tank :)

    ive been asked to share a few photos of my enclosure so here are some now ,also a vid explaining the creatures and things inside it. hope u enjoy ,its not finished yet but almost.
  7. jonathan512

    Dbts&Morphs :)

    Thought id share some more pics of my group ,hope u like them. BlizZard Mocha E.T & Calypso a couple pics of E.T Blizz Blizz , Calypso & Mocha
  8. jonathan512

    Turtle pics *•*

    I haven't made a thread in awhile so I thought I'd post an update on my group :). This is a pic of my caramel laughing and blue concentric . Another pic of the same two . . Here's Apples my pastel (she's very skittish that's y I have to hold her in most...
  9. jonathan512

    **Gold Phase Hypo Translucent RES**

    i just got my new baby turtle in the mail ^^ its a beautiful female gold phase hypo translucent ,long name lol. i purchased this little gem from Macs Morphs ,this is my 1st buy from him and def wont be the last ,he's a good breeder to buy from if anyone is looking to get into morphs. the turtle...
  10. jonathan512

    Caramels & DBTS !_!

    i thought id post some pics of how my little gang is doing ,i also have a new member Calypso and Blizzard E.T my higher contrast caramel the new one and Blizzard Blizzard i ended up naming this one Rain
  11. jonathan512

    New 125 gallon turtle tank !!!

    i just upgraded from my 55 gallon ^^ now my hatchling turtles have more leg room ,i made a vid showing the tank tell me what u think !
  12. jonathan512

    Diamondback Terrapin Pics !!!

    just sharing some pic of my DBTS i have 2 that are pond turtles and 2 that are aquarium dwellers :) a barrage of pictures ha ha
  13. jonathan512

    BLUE Concentric Diamondback Terrapin !!!

    i just got my new new blue concentric ! i really like his bold markings and shell color/patterns a real beaut this one . i made a vid on him ,he's very active and healthy and might be my best looking terrapin . Thanks 4 looking ...
  14. jonathan512

    New DBT !!!

    I just got my new DBT in the mail !!! check him out :). I made an unboxing vid if u wanna c him moving around . He's healthy and active and very young ,only about an inch ^^ the pics show a size comparison to one of my caramel hatchlings
  15. jonathan512

    Chow time (ham introduction for the caramel pinks)

    i just made a new vid of my group having a nice morning breakfast would u plz take a gander ? the vid focuses on my hatchling caramels ,wont u plz watch my little ones? anyway feedback on what u think would be great . its the caramels 1st introduction to treats . Thanks very much 4 watching ...
  16. jonathan512

    Help Turtle has pink skin !!!

    i got me a pair of odd turtles in the mail today with pink skin plz watch the vid and tell me what u think :)
  17. jonathan512

    Diamondback terrapins

    Just messed around with some photos of the DBTs ,what do u think?
  18. jonathan512

    Lots of Pics =O

    soooo i have some photos id like 2 share of my little turts ,brace yourselves theres alot of em lol hope u like them theyre mainly of my pastel sliders with a few pics of the DBT'S thrown in there . Thnx 4 looking :D heres a few photos of Apples, 1 of my pastel sliders...
  19. jonathan512

    300 gallon stock tank upgrade :D

    just bought a 300 gallon stock tank that im going 2 make into a pond , right now its prtty bare i am going to set it up when i get a good filter for it .any recommendations on what kind i should get? anyway heres some photos
  20. jonathan512

    Pics of my turtles (DBTS/SLIDERS) ^_^

    This is my blue and white concentrics Frost and Flux This is one of my pastel sliders Kush Kush again and 1 more time heres my other pastel Apples Apples again and Apples 1 more time heres my high white speckled DBT Sasha heres another pic of Frost...