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  1. mking

    1st clutch of radiated eggs

    I am so excited. Today I found my first nest. There was only 4 eggs and I broke one excavating :( but it is still exciting for me. Now I need to find out how to incubate them. Last I read they need a diapause. Any information on incubating is appreciated. I have successfully hatched...
  2. mking

    3 adult cherryheads - 2 females 1 male

    I have 3 adult cherry heads for sale. I am hoping to sell they locally in the DFW area in Texas. I can email pictures just let me know. One adult female is proven. The other may be laying eggs I just haven't caught her in the act. I am asking $350 for the proven female. $300 for the other...
  3. mking

    marbled cherryhead

    I was given a beautiful marbled cherryhead that was sick. We have an excellent exotic vet so I took it to get a stool sample and blood check and there doesn't seem to be anything major wrong. The vet has kept the tortoise for over a month on two separate occasions and with forced feedings...
  4. mking

    Nesting box help

    I have my tortoises in the large tubs from lllreptile during the winter. I am wondering if I need to figure out how to keep a nesting box in their tubs. Right now I have a nesting box but it is separate from where I keep them daily. If they seem restless I put them in the nesting box and add...
  5. mking

    Young Adult Male and Female T.Hermanni

    Male is 9 years old. Female is just over 6 inches. These two would be perfect in combination with the female that Carol has for sale. Once they reach this age you really need two females. The males are aggressive breeders and won't give the female a break even in a large...
  6. mking

    DFW area free Spiny Soft Shell turtle

    I do not want to ship so I would like to give this turtle for free to someone that can pick it up in the DFW area. I live in Keller, Texas. I have a medium sized soft shell looking for a home. My daughter bought a 55 gallon aquarium off craigslist and this medium sized soft shell came with...
  7. mking

    Split or Extra Scutes?

    Would you call these extra scutes or split. There are two more than there should be on one of my hatchlings. Thanks! Mary