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  1. ZenHerper

    Erythritol sweetner kills fire ants Which is nice, since it is relatively safe for other pet critters...
  2. ZenHerper

    Cuora trifasciata - why so yellow?

    All the better to spy on you! That canary-yellow head spot turns out to be a very good blending-in feature for turtles hiding in green muck, moss, or other dappled sun locations:
  3. ZenHerper

    I brought donuts!

    Help yourselves! Lifelong herp lover; most recent gang of pythons-and-lizard enjoyed for 15-20 years. Now in the process of picking through inventory of supplies to see what can be repurposed for some small Chel' friends in the near future. Looking very much forward to being once again in the...