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  1. PTzFinest97

    Tropical/Box Turtle Plants

    Does anybody know any good plants for a tropical outdoor enclosure or good box turtle plants? I will either be using a large plastic storage container or a kiddie pool. The enclosure will also be between 1/4 water to 1/2 water.
  2. PTzFinest97


    Has anybody heard of these? My friend is remaking his Russian Tort cage and was looking into these. Anybody ever used or have experience with them? Here's a link to the site.
  3. PTzFinest97

    Protein Food Question

    I've been looking around my local Pet Store and i've been wondereing alot about what kinds of Live Food/Protein I should be feeding my Turtle. I came across this "Turtle Treat". It says it is high in Protein and Krill but, i was wondereing if you guys know any other good Protein Sources out...
  4. PTzFinest97

    Question about Bedding

    Hey, A quick question about bedding. This would be the Coconut Coir Bedding right?
  5. PTzFinest97

    Asian Box Turtle (Cuora amboinensis)

    Hey, I have one or to questions i was wondereing you guys could help me with. Im not sure if you guys could help me with a Semi-Aquatic Tortoise/Turtle buy anything would be helpful. The kind if Turtle i have is an Asian Box Turtle. It's name is Hercules. I have come over some...