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    Darker patches on Russian tortoise?

    I would stop the top up through the day. 1 plate of greens and weeds in the morning and they graze through the day. I will add the odd fresh dandelion sometime in the afternoon if I spot one growing.
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    Do I return this found tortoise?

    Owners take pictures of pets and tortoise have unique scutes so I would ask for a clear shell picture and match it up and if you are satisfied then return to owner. Tortoise are escape merchants and like to wander it needs to go home.
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    Darker patches on Russian tortoise?

    Hi, You should not skip food or water. They will eat what they need. You can reduce the portion if your piling it high!. Sometimes mine gain between 5g and 13g. It is not an issue they will have growth spurts like children. Shell is like your nails so ensure calcium (light dusting of...
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    Tonka’s Tortoise Taj Mahal completed!

    Wow that is incredible and future proof. They will grow and dig.
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    Cinder block enclosure

    I have 1 inch square wire ( chicken wire type but stronger) as a base beyond the perimeter where Cinder block wall is. Then a layer of small pebble/ stones which i washed before putting in with substrate on top. Cinder box is the perimeter and I build up soil on the outside to wedge in...
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    Help in species identification, please.

    Welcome, you will have lots initially to make a nice safe set up. Suggest reading the care sheet and give them a shallow warm water soak use a tooth brush to gently remove any debris. A trip to the vet for beak trim and then good fresh food and water heat and light will all be required...
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    Twins? What do I do? They’re both alive !

    This has the cute factor , thanks for sharing
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    Slime and Squeaky tortoise

    Leave water in 24x 7. Very important. They will not drink when you wish. Very important they can climb in and drink or soak.
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    Darker patches on Russian tortoise?

    Great nice when suggestions are implemented 🙂. Looks a nice layout. You will find it climbing on both hides and potential toppling as they explore so watch out for that. You may find it digging/ burrowing in the substrate and only top scutes showing that is fine as they can breath. They hate...
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    Twins? What do I do? They’re both alive !

    Great news your becoming an expert at the detaching. Please share some updated pics if you can?
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    Torts seem to be flocking to me.

    Nice ending to the story... Tort reunited! Hope they find the other one and reinforce the enclosure.
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    Concerned about my new Russian tortoise

    Welcome I suggest a few soaks and you can get a small tooth brush to gently remove any debris. Soaking will help excreat, hydrate and clean them so really good to do. Check out the care sheet and review enclosure, heat, light , diet and substrate all very important for health and shell...
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    Nursing my dying tortoise back to health - what should I do?

    As mentioned please read care sheet and review the enclosure, heat, diet, water, hiding, substrate, hydration, humidity. All very important for health and wellbeing. If vet appointment 2 weeks try another vet as there are reptile vets around particularly in London.
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    Button’s thread

    What a year if activities, many of us have been on the button journey with you. Button looks happy and content.
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    What are these white marks on my Russian tortoise?

    Have a good look at enclosure is it brushing up against a rock within the enclosure as it walls around? It looks a dry shell , please check daily soaks, water, hydration, humidity, heat, light and maybe put some coconut oil onto the shell and see if that helps. The marks will remain but at...
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    I cant tell if my new buddy is CB or WC

    Welcome. He has probably been through a lot over the years, so now he needs a nice enclosure and quality onward care. Enjoy
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    Darker patches on Russian tortoise?

    Yes bathe / soak time
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    Lady Hermann not her usual self

    Hi welcome . Good to share and get expert advise. It will b warmer this weekend so hopefully that will help. Try a long soak say 40 mins and also provide fresh dandelion flower and stalks. Just monitor which you are doing. They need heat to digest so ensure that is available.
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    Darker patches on Russian tortoise?

    Good to disk as it gets bigger purchase 2 dedicated washing up bowls and use that it keep him in and stretches their legs. Shallow warm water. Example attached
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    Can my Russian eat any of these?

    There is a site called tortoise table have a look on there and filter green good and match up etc ... Best and most favourite is a dandelion with stalk and leaves. Have a read of this care sheet to help you...