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  1. LoonyLovegood

    Summer Stars

    Have you sold Have all from these clutches found homes? I'm in the market for a well-started hatchling.
  2. LoonyLovegood

    Newbie from Denver CO here!

    Welcome! I'm down in the Springs with my baby Leos :) It'll be nice to have a breeder so close!
  3. LoonyLovegood

    Hello from Southern Utah

    Welcome! I'd love to see a picture of your little one too :)
  4. LoonyLovegood

    Traveling with a hatchling

    Haha totally agree with you. Lower ranking Airmen living in the dorms really don't have much to do to, so house sitting or pet sitting would be an easy way to make some cash and pass the time.
  5. LoonyLovegood


    Welcome Delia! This is a great place to learn!
  6. LoonyLovegood

    Newbie here!

    Hi Adam, welcome!
  7. LoonyLovegood

    Egyptian Tortoise -- Coming home soon!

    It sounds like Sunshine will be in good hands. Welcome!
  8. LoonyLovegood

    Meet Crowley

    My, that's one handsome little guy. Welcome!
  9. LoonyLovegood

    White Bugs on my Torts, Not Springtails. DANGEROUS?

    I've noticed the same teeny tiny white mite looking bugs in my enclosure as well. Did you ever figure out what they were?
  10. LoonyLovegood

    Introducing Diego!

    My, what an adventure Diego has had! He's very lucky he has such a caring new owner too. Welcome!
  11. LoonyLovegood

    Broken toe?

    That's great! I wonder if he got it stuck in something in his enclosure. Hopefully he doesn't do it again!
  12. LoonyLovegood

    Tibby's Secret Spot

    How adorable! She's got her own little clubhouse haha :)
  13. LoonyLovegood

    Broken toe?

    Ouch! Poor thing, glad he's seems to be doing well at least.
  14. LoonyLovegood


    Glad to hear you got the humidity sorted out! I had the opposite problem when I first set everything up; it was in the 90's and kept rising! Anywho, welcome!
  15. LoonyLovegood


    Welcome!! :)
  16. LoonyLovegood

    New member from California

    What a beauty! Welcome :)
  17. LoonyLovegood

    Hi all!

    Ah gotcha. I misread that, sorry!
  18. LoonyLovegood

    New Owner Show-and-Tell!

    Thank you! It's hard to stop myself from taking hundreds of pictures of him haha.
  19. LoonyLovegood

    Hi all!

    Welcome! I personally wouldn't mix species, regardless if they supposedly get along fine. I'd be worried they'd cross breed or something? Anywho, lots of info on that in this forum :)