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    Dose her head look small

    Does her head look abnormally small
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    Today I almost purchased a large leopard tortoise from my craigslist ad when I first started the conversation I knew it was a scam four sentences in so I asked for a photo of the plastron and this is what they gave me not much more I can say I hope this case some of you a good laugh
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    Male or female

    At this point I have given up on trying to figure out the sex of these tortoises myself I’m just going to let the people on this forum decide for me and I will go with that my thought was that I had five females but I am no longer so sure
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    Facebook groups

    Not to say anything bad about Facebook groups but I do want to say that they are definitely not a reliable source of information someone posted a photo of a cherry head toward us that has marbling starting to grow in which is perfectly normal but the quote on quote experts believe it needs to be...
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    Galapagos tortoises care guide?

    It has been many years in the making and working with tortoises a lot but I am finally ready to buy a few baby Galapagos’s and I do not know if there is a care guide for them but I do not want to make any mistakes I will be housing them in closed chambers that Will hold a high enough humidity to...
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    Male or female

    I have 4 females cherry heads and what I thought was a male. The male took me a wile to find, because I wanted a bigger sized one. but I have had him for a few months, and today it looks to be digging a test nests. It did flash me but it was nothing compared to tortoise that have flashed me in...
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    iOS Egyptian tortoise babies or adults

    Interested in buying a few babies to raise up but would also be willing to purchase a pair if you have babies or adults please reach out to me [email protected]
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    Does anyone need big feeder fish

    Hay guys I know this is a bit off topic but trying to help out a friend. So the situation is that he is a koi breeder, and in my opinion he has really nice koi and his quality control is overkill. I fly up to visit him 1or 2times a year, and when I was with him this time he was explaining how he...
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    Safe guard dewormer

    I have had quite a few tortoises for years now and I dewormed them last year but I have gotten more and I keep them outside last year i dewormed with the safe guard horse dewormer I had a dosing chart for tortoises anyone know how the dosage per gram
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    Male or female

    Male or female going with female let me know what you think
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    iOS male redfoots

    I am looking for colombian redfoot male also known as a redfoot tortoise with yellow feet not a Yellow foot tortoise photo of my female for reference looking for one 6in-adult also looking for a male cherry head over 9in I have big females
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    What breed

    I just came across this photo of a tortoise on a Facebook post. I do know what it, I just wanted to post it on here for people who do not know what it is to put their guesses. If you are wondering, the tortoise is in a private collection in the US. Please put your guesses below, if you already...
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    Male or female

    I have what I am 90% sure is a female cherry head tortoise but her behavior in Making me think otherwise. I have 1 small male and 4 big females. I have had them all for over two months now with the exception of the mail I got him a few days ago. The female in question is chasing around the...
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    Sexing a tortoise

    A forum post from 2015 was recently recommended to me and it had this diagram on it I was wondering if this is accurate because Did not believe you can tell a difference between mature female and a proven female from the rest the tail
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    Fauna classifieds moderators

    Does anyone have the contact information for a fauna classifieds moderator thank you
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    Male cherry head

    Hi forum members I recently had the opportunity to acquire 5 female cherry head tortoises all over 10 in when I perched they I was told that one of the females was actually a male I picked them up last night I have attached a photo of the suspected male and I am 100% sure it is female. The main...
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    Leopard Tortoises

    I posted a post on this form a few months back asking if my leopard tortoises were big enough to breed they are definitely not ready to breed still and are growing I have had the opportunity to add some new members to my group since the last time I have posted I have added three more females but...
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    Facebook scammers

    Last week I was pretty bored so I decided to do an experiment. I had heard that there are a lot of people on Facebook that are there just a scam, I thought let’s see if this is true. I posted a few posts on adoption forms because I am looking to add another leopard tortoise to my group. And I...
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    Anyone have Vic Morgan’s contact info

    I was looking for adult mountain tortoise and someone told me that Vic was the guy to ask ony problem is I can’t find his contact info I sent him a message on Facebook but have not gotten a response I believe he is a member here so I hope he sees this I am really interested
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    Looking for a tortoise safe vine

    Looking for a fast growing tortoise safe vine that is relatively low water in Southern California any suggestions