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    See-Thru Habitat - Yes or No?

    Thank you for the reply. Much appreciated. Humidity is not a problem as I live in southern Florida. Current habitat is fully open and humidity is usually around 80%.
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    See-Thru Habitat - Yes or No?

    Ordered this habitat for my 2 month old red foot. Now having second thoughts. I love that I can see what the tort is doing through the plexiglass but read somewhere that you shouldn't have see-through containers with torts. Reviews are very good so I am not sure what to think. Input...
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    Turtle on Lanai

    Hi there. I am considering getting a box turtle or a smallish tortoise. I would like it to live on our lanai in Sarasota FL. I would set up a "homing" area where it would have food, water and bedding but otherwise it would be allowed to roam free. We do however have a saltwater pool back...