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    CB 2016 Baby Ibera Greeks for Sale

    I have a few 2016 cb Ibera Greek tortoises for sale - $100 each for pick up in San Jose bay area, CA.
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    CB F2 Sep 2015 3 Ibera Greek tortoises for sale

    $100 each. Pick up in San Jose, CA only. PM me if interested.
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    Help identify my Hermann's

    Wow you have a pretty one. But if you want to determine the subspecies, you need to take some pictures of the plastron side.
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    My male hermanns has much longer tail than that, so I'd say female for now but keep watching as sometimes when the tortoise is not fully mature and still growing. Also in my experience, when I soak my tortoise the male will sometimes "flash" his thing so you'll know.
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    Plz help :( (spots on shell)

    Nothing to worry about now. You will see if your tortoise is not healthy, i.e. it becomes lethargic, stops eating, etc. then you'd need to worry.
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    Hello Everyone

    Carrie - welcome to the Forum!!!
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    New Member

    Welcome to the Forum!!!
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    newbie looking for help!!

    Welcome to the forum!! I have few Hermann's myself and I found that they are one of the easiest to raise, so just relax a bit. If your tortoise is really a few months old then it's natural for it to experience rapid growth, especially in captivity where we tend to overfeed the tortoise. Maybe...
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    Welcome!! Can't wait to see the pictures of your baby...
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    Can someone help me sex and identify subspecies please

    Based on the plastron shot (picture #3), it's Ibera. Hermann's plastron is different.
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    Congrats - she's beatiful!!
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    New! Hi

    Welcome Celia! Hope the weather will be warmer soon in your neighborhood...
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    New greek this weekend

    He's really great looking, and great name too!
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    Adopted a Hermann tortoise

    Very beautiful - congrats!
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    Whose going to the Pomona Reptile Expo?

    Ah unfortunately I won't be in town or otherwise I'd love to go there.
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    Too Cold?

    Well if you decide to let Mr. Tibbs outside all day and night, just be careful of predators like racconns here in the US and they're nocturnal.
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    Aubs - welcome to TFO. My bias advice is keep the tortoises and get rid of everything else if your husband thinks you have too many...:D
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    greeting everyone

    Ardi - selamat datang!
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    Hello From Texas

    Welcome to TFO!!!
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    Wander around?

    Assuming both are healthy I'd house them together until you see a sign that one bullies another. At that age, it'd take a while before the bullying starts.