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    CB 2016 Baby Ibera Greeks for Sale

    I have a few 2016 cb Ibera Greek tortoises for sale - $100 each for pick up in San Jose bay area, CA.
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    CB F2 Sep 2015 3 Ibera Greek tortoises for sale

    $100 each. Pick up in San Jose, CA only. PM me if interested.
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    Deformed shell/MBD

    I recently rescued a greek tortoise with deformed shell, which I think caused by MBD (see the attached picture), but unfortunately I don't really have much other background. I know there are few people in this forum that have gone through this experience before, so could someone share their...
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    Female Ibera?

    Hi everyone, I just picked up this tortoise, but the seller didn't know much about it. I think this is a female ibera, but can anyone confirm? Thanks in advance. Ray
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    CB Adult Male Eastern Hermann's for sale

    It's hard for me to sell him but I couldn't really find a good female and need to make a room for my other tortoises. $175 for pickup in San Jose, CA. May deliver in SF Bay area or Sacramento area for a small fee.
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    2008 San Jose Reptile Show August 9-10 I remember they usually held it in November, but this year somehow it's in August. Anyone coming?
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    Male or female?

    I just about to purchase this greek and received this picture. Not sure about the age, but already 9" long. Will appreciate if you could help identifying the sex.
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    Looking for female cb Hermann's (THB) and male or female cb Greek (Ibera)

    Preferably for adults and for sellers who are located in SF or LA area (California) as I want to pick them up personally.
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    Male or female?

    These are the pictures of my two greeks. Both are about 4 yrs old. The first one, I think it's a male, about less than 5 inches in length of his shell straight line. The second one, I think it's a female, about 6 inches. I would like to see if you guys have a different...
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    I thought that I'd share this picture as I'm still chuckling whenever I see it even after couple of years. I let my Russian tortoise outside in my backyard during one summer day. After few hours, she was nowhere to be seen. I looked under the bush, tree, etc. without luck. I have wooden fence...
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    Bought this cute guy March '07 at a local pet store. It was sold to me as Greek but I think he's Hermann's. Anybody has another opinion? Anyway, I think he has some pyramiding issues, and his body and shell is quite unproportional, not too mention that he walks "funny" unlike my other...