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    swollen eye lid? russian tort

    I was wondering if any one can help me? I have a russian tortoise and recently his left eye lid looks swollen, somtimes it waters. I have been to the vet who has given me some drops for the eye. Other wise he is eating and drinking normal. The other eye is fine.
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    constipated horsfield?

    Hi everyone, I am stuggling to tell if my tortoise is constipated. He used to poo all the time in the bath and in his enclosure a noticeable amount, however recently i have noticed he doesnt seem to be pooing as much. It is hard to tell because before i have caught him eating a few poos ¬_¬. i...
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    Can i have some advice please, i have a horsfield tortoise he is approximately 7 months old maybe abit older. I have had him for about 3 months, i got him off a reptile vet. I have not had any problems with him, apart from recently after he poops a weird like mushroom thing appears for about 5...
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    advice please (disinfecting an enclosure)

    I recently lost my baby hosfield tortoise to RI who was positive for mycroplasma. I am thinking about getting a new horsfield. Would i be able to keep the new tortoise in the same table as my last one, if its cleaned out properly. I have a tortoise table.
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    need some reassurance

    I recently brought a Russian tort about 4 months old, iv literally had him just gone 3 weeks. We first noticed somthing was not right when one of his eyes seemed slightly puffy underneath. We took him to the vets after about 4 days after purchasing him. The vets we took him to a vet that...