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    Arlington Texas--Sulcata

    I have a female Sulcata (I think). She's 12 inches long, great health, no issues. $100.00 firm, pick up in Arlington Texas. Email [email protected]
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    K Panzer (Sulcata) Has done this twice, in addition to his "normal" poop theres also a white mass that has been excreted. Anything I should worry about?
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    Sulcata- Supplements?

    Should I be adding any supplements ie calcium, vitamins to my Sulcata's diet? If so how much? Hes 11 inches.
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    outdoor enclosure

    I live in Dallas Tx and want to build an outdoor enclose for my 11 inch Sulcata. my thought was to bury a perimeter of one layer of cinder blocks and then build up from grade to a height of 2 feet. I need opinions and ideas. How large should I make this enclosure? Should I add a sandy area? A...
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    Hello from Dallas

    Before I start let me say I am completely new to Tortoise husbandry. Without going too much into it I unexpectedly acquired a Sulcata Tortoise about 11 inches long. With that being said I've alot to learn so be ready for tons of questions. Now about our household, my main hobby is woodworking...
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    Just what is pyramiding?