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    would this be a suitable base for a tortoise table?

    So I was perusing my local free section on CL and saw this. I'm thinking it would make a good table for a hatchling sulcata (what I want to get) I was thinking I would just box in the sides and possibly turn the top or side panels into...
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    does this sulcata look healthy to everybody?

    Im thinking about getting this tort, looks good to me but just wondering what everybody thinks.
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    may have found my sulcata on CL!

    So I have been looking for a sulcata for a new weeks now. I found this guy on CL. He is pretty badly pyramided and his tank is entirely too small. I'm thinking I will buy him and his accessories. My question is should I do anything special about him pyramiding? Other than getting the humidity...
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    keeping sulcata warm in the winter?

    So I'm in the process of finding my first sulcata. I am already prepared for an indoor enclosure while he/she is smaller. However I live in TN and the weather is fine outside for a good portion of the year for my tort, but our winters can be pretty cold. I'm prepared to build or modify a shed...
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    looking for baby sulcata in Orlando area

    I will be in the Orlando area the week after Easter, I'm hoping to get a sulcata baby while I'm there does anyone here have one available or know a reputable place in the area I could purchase one?
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    new here no tortoise yet!

    Hi my name is Chaz I live in middle Tennessee. I have had aquatic turtles for many years but am dead set on getting a sulcata soon :) I'm thinking I will start with a baby unless an opportunity to adopt comes along because I have a set up that will work for a little one or two already but I am a...