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    "Old" Mazuri Tortoise Diet

    I bought a 25lb bag of the "old" version of the Mazuri tortoise diet. I realize now that I clearly don't need all of it for one small tortoise. I'm willing to sell a good portion of it at a fair price. I'm not looking to make a bunch of money or anything. The package was dated July 2014 and has...
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    Frank The Tank

    I'm pleased to announce that after months of preparation and anticipation Frank has arrived. Frank is a Dalmatian's Hermann's tortoise from Chris Leone (Garden State Tortoise @HermanniChris ). He weighed in at 90 grams and measured right around 3". I've attached some pictures of Frank and his...
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    Santa Barbara Zoo

    Here are some pictures of the tortoises we saw today at the Santa Barbara Zoo.
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    What type of tortoise is this?

    I'm on the west coast visiting family and got to visit with this tortoise for a few minutes. I could only get a few pictures, but was wondering if someone could help identify it. Thanks.
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    Caterpillars & Slugs

    My testudo mix seems to be attracting a lot of caterpillars and slugs. I won't have a tortoise until late July, but I'm afraid there might not be much left at the rate they are currently eating. I hate to take steps to kill the invaders, but I'm not sure what else I can do. Any thoughts?
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    Florida Gopher Tortoise

    Just thought I would pass along a picture that my wife took this afternoon outside of my parent's house in Jacksonville, FL.
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    Fire Ants

    I noticed today that I have some fire ants in my outdoor enclosure. Is there anything that I can put down in the enclosure that will kill the ants or at least make them leave? Ideally it would be something that I can put all over the enclosure since I haven't yet pinpointed where they are coming...
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    Is UVB Necessary For This Situation?

    Since I live in FL, my tortoise will be living outside during the day most of the year. We do get cold spells at times so there may be some extended periods of time that the tortoise will be inside all day. With that in mind, do I still need to provide UVB in the indoor enclosure or will the...
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    Suitable for Hermann's?

    I've indirectly mentioned/asked this in the enclosure thread, but the information can be conflicting and I wanted to pose the question to the experts (actual Hermann's owners). I live in Jacksonville, FL and recently finished building/planting an outdoor enclosure that measures 64" wide x 10'...
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    Outdoor Enclosure Progress

    We went from this: To This: I raked out all the old stuff, put about three inches of top soil down, and another couple inches of cypress mulch on top of that. I put bricks down along the fence line to help with keeping the future tortoise from trying to dig out. I planted violas...
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    Redfoots - Pairs & Groups

    I was doing some research (as always) and was surprised to find that some people believe that Redfoots do well in pairs or groups. I've been under the impression for a while now that tortoises were solitary animals. I understand that there are always exceptions to the rule both good and bad...
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    Outdoor Cherryhead Questions

    For those who haven't seen any of my previous posts, I live in Jacksonville, FL and am in the process of building an outdoor enclosure for the tortoise I will be getting in late July/early August. I will also be building a heated hide box for when the weather is cooler. The entire enclosure will...
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    Heated Hide Box

    I know building a wooden box is an option and one that many people like, but... What are your thoughts on this? Or, would it make more sense to use a deck box with something like this...
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    Substrate Inside Hide Box

    What's the best or suggested substrates for inside an outdoor hide box? The purpose being to keep the tortoise cool in the heat and warm when it's cooler outside. This will be for a Hermann.
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    Hide Box For Cold Weather

    I saw this on a previous thread, but assuming you had this along with the insulation insert, how cold could it be outside before you would need to bring a Hermann's tortoise indoors? This is also assuming that there is no additional heating element inside the box...
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    Best Seed Recommendations?

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to get a Hermann's tortoise in a few months, but wanted to start growing out the enclosure now. What seed mixes would you recommend that would give the tortoise a good (safe) variety? Thanks!
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    Would this be suitable for an outdoor enclosure?

    I know most of my posts have been about inside enclosures and Hermann's, but I never even thought about this portion of my yard being an option. It's roughly 5' x 10' and is somewhat shaded because of the fence and overhang of the house. So what do you think? If this would be suitable, what...
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    Hermann/Greek Tortoise Table Size

    Looking into the possibility of getting either a Hermann or a Greek and I want to build my own indoor table. I know bigger is better, but what is the minimum suggested size for an adult of either species? I believe they are roughly the same size at maturity.
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    Help Deciding Which Tortoise

    I'm looking for some help on deciding which tortoise might be best for me & my family. We are looking for something that will stay small and can live inside most of the time in a tortoise table. My preliminary research leads me to Hermann's or Greek. I'm open to other suggestions though if...
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    Hermann's or Greek?

    Hi everyone. I'm new on the site, but not completely new to tortoises. I'm from Jacksonville, FL and have always had a fascination with tortoises. I had a couple of Hermann's tortoises many years ago, but had to rehouse them during one of our family moves. I have a young daughter now and am...