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    Night temps

    So how cold is too cold to be leaving my tort outside at night? how cold can it drop to and be able to leave her outside? and how can i heat her plastic doghouse so she has a warm area to go?
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    So upon reading, i found outt that greek females are supposed to lay eggs! Stolie has never layed anything and im worried because she is pretty old. I just put a huge tub of dirt for her out and i planted a bunch of seeds for her to graze on when they statr to grow. Is there any way that this...
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    I keep my greek on my balcony of my condo and the ground is made of like a rough coating on wood. it is about 20' X 6'. he has a dog house full of moist coco dirt to dig in and this spring when he goes back outside, he will have a 4' X 2' tub with grass growing in it to walk around on and graze...
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    Greek? Sex? Locality?

    Ok i am 16 years old, and before i was born, my parents bought me this tortiose to have as a pet when i grow up. he is my best friend and he is so friendly. he will come when i call him and everything. i just want to know what he is? he was sold to my parents as a russial but ive had ppl tell me...