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    Proven Sulcata pair for sale

    I am re-do my landscaping and sadly to say that I have to part with my Sulcata pair. Female is about 18". Male 15" (Just estimate only, will provide more details and pictures to interested parties. Male is super tame and will follow you around. They laid 6 clutches last year, about 90% hatched...
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    Incubator malfunction

    I found my incubator was stopped working this morning. It seems like the fuse burnt out sometime last night. The temperature was about mid 70s when I found out about it. There are about 15 eggs and a few of them are piping. I have no choice but have to transfer them to another incubator. The one...
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    Dying hatchling Sulcata

    Hi all, I need all advices here. My Sulcata pair have been breeding and so far she laid 6 clutches of average 20 eggs per clutch. Thank god (I hope) she is done for this year. I have 4 clutches hatched at average of 80-85%hatching rate. I incubate them at about 87F with about 80% humidity...
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    Odd beheavior - laying eggs?

    Bruin, my female Sulcata started her odd behavier in the last couple days. Two days ago she dug a big hole right in the middle of the yard. She dug holes here and there in the past but always something right next to the wall. THis time is right in the middle of the yard. Then this morning, while...
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    Trying to get my Sulcata torts to use their house

    Hi, I got a custom made dog/tort house for my torts. It is 3'x3' slant shingled roof with the 20"x20" opening with vinyl flap to kept outside element out. So far, I have to physically moved them from their burrow and stuck them in the house. If wet and cold out, they will slept until it warm...
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    Boy or Girl

    Hi, I am new into tort. I just adopted one a few days ago. Still learning about them. He or she is about 60 lbs, but I don't know is it a boy or a girl. I don't know how to post the picture on here. Can I email picture to somebody privately? My email: k [email protected] com Thank you so much.