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  1. Kerryann

    RES Mate Aggression

    So my friend has two red eared sliders she has had together since they were babies and the one keeps attacking the other and biting it on the neck. She separated them for a while and when she added the second one back the other one attacked it again. I thought they could live together? They...
  2. Kerryann

    Squash Mold

    My squash and pumpkin leaves have been getting the squash mold. Is it still safe to feed the torts? I haven't been feeding them the moldy leaves and have been cutting them off as soon as the mold occurs but with it being so wet this year the squash mold has been out of control. :(
  3. Kerryann

    Stomach Issues

    My tortoise betty had some poop while she was in a soak that unfolded into leaves. I had switched her from eating organic store bought food to food I got from my garden like squash leaves and flowers, hibiscus leaves and flowers, rose leaves and flowers, pepper leaves, lettuces, baby chard. I...
  4. Kerryann

    Caught in the Act

    So I was cleaning out his enclosure and turn around to this... Yep... too much for him to resist apparently :P
  5. Kerryann

    Outdoor Fun

    Betty and Henry were playing outside in their garden today. Henry likes to dig and hide and Betty ran around and ate as much variety as she could. You don't see me here. Yummy mmmm Sunbathing Showing off some booty Peakaboo Someone got hungry again
  6. Kerryann

    More zoo pics

    Today was a wonderful day at the Zoo :D He was right next to me :D See him?
  7. Kerryann


    This is our outdoor pet toad. He lives by our front door and comes back every year.
  8. Kerryann

    Such a Romantic Boy

  9. Kerryann

    is this flower edible

    I don't know what it is and it's organic.
  10. Kerryann

    Hermans? Tortoises in CA

    Someone shared this over to my facebook so I thought I'd post it here. :D:tort::tort: They are super cute. It doesn't say what kind they are other than tan. A1239099, A1239101 BOTH UNALTERED MALES , TAN TORTOISE, Age: BOTH 5 YEARS Intake Condition: APC This animal has been at the...
  11. Kerryann

    shell Issues

    Betty's shell had become dry on top and is cracking where her shell should be growing. When I got her the shell was severely deformed but has grown out nicely. I have never seen the top of the shell grow. Now her shell is getting dry and cracking but it's not soft. Is this shell rot? It's not...
  12. Kerryann

    Enclosure things that no longer fit

    What do you do with the hides and bowls that no longer fit? I have two hides and three water bowls. I have been hoarding them but I hate having clutter. Does humane society or anywhere take them?
  13. Kerryann

    Algae Growth

    Crazy question.. My marginated tortoise's water dish never grows algae but my Russian's water dish grows it like crazy. I wash it out everyday and by time I get home some has regrown. Two questions, is it safe for her or should I just get her a new dish? Secondly, How do I get rid of it if I...
  14. Kerryann

    Anyone need a monster plecko?

    Anyone have a huge enough tank and need a monster plecko? He's a good plecko and very sweet.. He doesn't like to be poked with stuff though. He needs at least a 75 gallon tank. He's too big for a 55. He's free to a good home.
  15. Kerryann

    Food Fort

    MMMMM Soo good I could bury my head in it :D :P:P:P
  16. Kerryann

    Betty One Year Update- come back kid

    When we first got betty she was in a hampster cage on crushed walnut and alfalfa. She had no lights other than a red heating lamp. Here is her first night home: This is after we gave her a new house. I thought she was perfect but you can see her shell deformity and her beak is wayyyy too...
  17. Kerryann

    North American International Auto Show Pictures

    I get to go on industry preview days so we get access to the vehicles that the general public doesn't. The auto show was kind of less than spectacular the last few years but this year they really did a great job. James Bond car This is one of the people I took. He was so geeked about...
  18. Kerryann

    Happy New Year From Hens and Bets

    I know I am early but I will be busy tomorrow :)
  19. Kerryann

    If Your Human Friends were like Pets

    I saw this video this morning and it made me laugh so I thought I'd share with my fellow animal lovers.
  20. Kerryann

    Other good reasons to have a tortoise

    to warm butter for making cookies. :D I watched her the whole time and made sure it didn't melt around her. It worked moderately well. I wont tell you how else I tried to warm it. :P