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  1. Nedy

    I expanded my box turtle garden - they love it!

    This was taken about a month ago. Now the ferns and hostas are thick. Notice two of the girls in the foreground are enjoying a "spa" day together. Ha! There are 5 boxies in this garden - 2 males and 3 females. The enclosure is approx. 14' x 12'.(I'm going to release one male and one female...
  2. Nedy

    New Russian Tortoise

    Here's a photo of the little guy that scared me witless his first full day at my home (yesterday). Today, he's acting like a normal guy -- working the parameter, checking out both 'hides', figuring out the water source, and currently sitting in the middle of his salad plate! He's really being...
  3. Nedy

    comatose behavior in new Russian Tortoise

    I bought an adult male Russian tortoise yesterday from a reliable pet shop that specializes in reptiles. The tortoise had just come in from one of the shop's customers that had it for two years in an indoor enclosure. I placed it in a 10'x10' outdoor enclosure with sunken water dish, dandelion...
  4. Nedy

    Update on Eastern BoxTurtle hit by lawnmower

    Its been a few weeks so wanted to update this forum on "Shelley's" progress. Still eating and defecating everyday. Still living inside. Although the wound is scabbed over, it isn't hard enough to serve as protection - for instance if she'd tip over and land on a sharp object, it could...
  5. Nedy

    Need help! Box Turtle hit by lawnmower

    Hi all, The neighbor brought me a female eastern box turtle that appears to have very recently been hit by a lawnmower. The carapace is not fractured - just sliced off on the left side of the dorsal. I can see the lung functioning -- no organs were damaged and there is a bit of tissue still...
  6. Nedy

    Here's a video of my 3-toed Carl

    It's on YouTube:
  7. Nedy

    Hi! I'm New and have 2 box turtles in the MidWest

    Hi! I think I already sent an introduction. My apologies for the steep 'learning curve'.