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  1. Guggie

    Greek Sub-species identification

    Hi, all! It's time for "Guess that Greek subspecies!" My 2 Greeks are just over 5 years old. I am 100% sure both are male (they've both presented), and am relatively sure they are both Ibera. However, they are so ... different. Tweek is lighter colored, comparatively huge, and has spurs; Cujo...
  2. Guggie

    Tortoise measurement tracking

    Hello! My name is Ryan Guggenheim; I’m a long-time member of the forum, though I mostly use it as a resource, not posting much. I have learned tons from all of the people on this forum. I don’t consider myself an expert by any means, but have two healthy 5-year old Greek tortoises, Cujo and...
  3. Guggie

    Saved him!

    I found this little guy in the middle of the street. Picked him up, took some pics, and let him go near a lake by our house. What kind of turtle is he? I don't think he's a red-ear slider, but I'm more up on my torts than my turtles.
  4. Guggie

    Injured Greek - front legs (shell caused?)

    One of my Greek's front legs both have injuries. It's whe the leg hits the shell. I'm including a pic. The injury isn't totally visible but it'll gi you a good idea as to what's go on. What causes this and how do I treat it? He's 4, lives alone. Substrate is cypress and coco coir. Water dish is...
  5. Guggie

    DEFINITELY a guy (a bit graphic)

    Well - It seems that Cujo is no longer hiding if he is a boy or a girl. I got a full-fledged flash this morning. It reminded me of when Eric Cartman had a satellite dish sticking out of his butt in the first episode of South Park. And it was aimed right at me!!! Quite a shock. Here's a...
  6. Guggie

    Sexing my 1 year old Greeks

    Hey all! I know I've asked this before, but my Greeks are (to my untrained eye) really starting to show some sexual characteristics. However, at 14 months, I don't even know if that's possible. So, with my wife's help, I took some updated pics. Please take a look and let me know what you...
  7. Guggie

    Celebrities with Torts

    Some of you may remember reading that my favorite author is Stephen King. I just got done reading an article about him from the SundayTimes and found the following: ...That’s the desk that King sits at every day, and it is where he writes. Right now he’s writing a book called Joyland...
  8. Guggie

    UVB meter arrives today

    Hi all. Question about my new UV meter (the 6.2) that should be at my home today when I get home. I will use it to measure my Greeks' ZooMed 100w MVB that I've had for about 9 months, but what #s am I looking for? How do I know if it's time to replace a bulb that I already have? Thanks!
  9. Guggie

    Probe placement

    Yeah - it's a funny subject line. Get your infantile giggles out now. Hi all - I've got a setup question for you. I bought one of these yesterday (see 1st picture). It has 2 probes, temp & humidity. My question is, where should I place them? I am not so worried about the temp probe, as I...
  10. Guggie

    More Pics! NARBC 2012 - Tinley Park,IL

    Hi all! Just got back from NARBC show today, and wanted to share my pics. Here goes! (me) These guys were 3 high just before I took the pic - I was too slow. A couple of pancakes - these guys are...
  11. Guggie

    Reptile show - Chicago

    Anyone going to NARBC in Tinley Park? We should be there after lunch!
  12. Guggie

    First vet visit

    You all may have read my previous post, where I bragged about my new vet. Well, we took our two Greeks on Saturday, and it was really great. My big fear was that he would tell me to keep Cujo and Tweek dry and on rabbit food or something, and...
  13. Guggie

    Reptile Rampage!

    Hey, all! These pics were from Reptile Rampage, held in a gymnasium near my home. Hope you enjoy! This thing was 7 feet long! My wife, Jessi, confronting one of her biggest fears!
  14. Guggie

    Wildlife Discovery Center - Lake Forest, IL

    Hey all. My wife and I just went to the Wildlife Discovery Center in Lake Forest, IL, and I thought I'd share the pics. Enjoy!
  15. Guggie

    My new vet. :)

    I read an article linked from this site that mentioned a vet in Vernon Hills IL - my town. I wrote him and asked him to tell me a bit about himself. I received the following. Do you all think he'll do?? Ryan: I am a lifelong herp nerd and became a vet so I could work with reptiles. Luckily I...
  16. Guggie

    The Keys

    Hey all! I'm going to the Keys in just about a month. We'll be staying the first half on Islamarada and the 2nd half on Key Largo; probably won't make it down to Key West, though we're debating that. Anyways, does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do down there? Maybe anything...
  17. Guggie

    Cujo & Tweek are a year old! (PIC HEAVY)

    Cujo and Tweek, my two Greeks, turn 1 year old this next Monday!! (according to the birthday my wife and I made up.) To celebrate, I've got a bunch of new pics - taken with my new camera!! Hope you like them!!! A new camera, and you are shooting B&W?? I turn my nose up at you...
  18. Guggie

    Awww! I want one!!! Although I don't know if a cage that can keep it in is possible.
  19. Guggie

    Nail question

    Tortoise nails. I know they can get too long; I know that rocks & slate will help keep them short; I know that they are able to be clipped; and I know it's possible to clip them too much and hurt them. Tweek's nails seem to be wearing down nicely all by themselves; one of them is actually...
  20. Guggie

    Greek shell issues

    Hi all, from snowy Chicago! My two 10 month old greeks are absolutely thriving, mostly thanks to you on this forum. They put on weight, they look great (no pyramiding, though not perfectly smooth), and they seem happy. However, they each have a shell anomoly that I want to float by you...