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  1. Dipa


    Hiii. Can you please tell me what is this??
  2. Dipa

    Is it safe to feed?

    I found this Can you tell me if these are safe?
  3. Dipa


    So hi everyone I notice this bugs in his enclosure I recently change the mixture because of these bugs but they are again in his enclosure after 2 days What ahould i do to prevent it? Here is that on the black surface if you can see them
  4. Dipa


    Is this plant is good for enclosure??
  5. Dipa

    Just some pic

    Here he is sleeping....
  6. Dipa

    Emergency (Injection/leg problem)

    Hi I need help I went to vet for my tortoise and he gave him injection But now he kind of not properly walk on that leg I noticed it today The injection was given on that leg
  7. Dipa

    100 w basking bulb

    Hello Here in my city bulbs are available It shows like 100 lumens/watt but actually is 9W bulb How can i buy 100w bulb?
  8. Dipa


    Hi Is this look like fungus?
  9. Dipa

    incandescent bulbs

    HI everyone i have a problem with basking light of incandescent bulbs does the bulb have yellow light or white light?
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  11. Dipa

    Reptile fogger

    Hi everyone I need help Is the reptile fogger is good for enclosure for my indian star ? Is it keep the humidity ?
  12. Dipa

    Humidity and enclosure

    Hi I want to make the enclosure high humid. But i have to make it humid with spraying water If i spray water in the wood enclosure , doesn't it will be rot?
  13. Dipa


    So i dont know any good hygrometer but i found this one on amazon Is it good for my indian star cookie enclosure?
  14. Dipa


    So i have an indian star tortoise cookie. And he is 3 inches long . I ordered the enclosure as per tge image. Can anybody give me the measures to make it? And the design i look is from net so if any eroors plz correct me...
  15. Dipa

    Indian star back

    I just found out this.. Is it a bad sign for him?
  16. Dipa

    Keeping the tortoise warm at night

    Hi I have a indian star tortoise and he needs to be warm during the night time. I dont have proper enclosure right now and i need to keep him warm. Some said to put on a bulb so he can get heat. But someone said that he needs darkness during the night.. What i can do? I manage to give him box...
  17. Dipa

    Herman (now star) tortoise not eating.

    I have a herman called cookie. He was sneezing so i go to the vet and he gave him injection on his behind legs... Then after he keeps sleeping. He sleeps for about straight 20 hours.. and after that he is not eating anything at all . And when i offer him water he mostly dozzed off in it...