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  1. Nedy

    My Outdoor Enclosure

    Beautiful! It looks very safe too with the nice lid.
  2. Nedy

    67 yrs old

    67 yrs old
  3. Nedy

    I expanded my box turtle garden - they love it!

    This was taken about a month ago. Now the ferns and hostas are thick. Notice two of the girls in the foreground are enjoying a "spa" day together. Ha! There are 5 boxies in this garden - 2 males and 3 females. The enclosure is approx. 14' x 12'.(I'm going to release one male and one female...
  4. Nedy

    New Russian Tortoise

    Here's a photo of the little guy that scared me witless his first full day at my home (yesterday). Today, he's acting like a normal guy -- working the parameter, checking out both 'hides', figuring out the water source, and currently sitting in the middle of his salad plate! He's really being...
  5. Nedy

    comatose behavior in new Russian Tortoise

    Thank you so much everyone for responding. I've been worried sick about this guy. It's not yet 80 degrees here right now so he's lethargic as expected but basking in the sun. No foaming at the mouth ever- and yes we do probably have poisonous spiders -- no poisonous snakes within the city...
  6. Nedy

    comatose behavior in new Russian Tortoise

    I bought an adult male Russian tortoise yesterday from a reliable pet shop that specializes in reptiles. The tortoise had just come in from one of the shop's customers that had it for two years in an indoor enclosure. I placed it in a 10'x10' outdoor enclosure with sunken water dish, dandelion...
  7. Nedy

    HELP-injured Box Turtle

    Hi! I found a 3-toed male that is missing the scutes over his tail and hindquarters. Even so, he was able to close almost completely when I picked him up out of the wild. He doesn't even bother anymore, but I offer this info to you in hopes it will make you feel a little better about your...
  8. Nedy

    Update on Eastern BoxTurtle hit by lawnmower

    Its been a few weeks so wanted to update this forum on "Shelley's" progress. Still eating and defecating everyday. Still living inside. Although the wound is scabbed over, it isn't hard enough to serve as protection - for instance if she'd tip over and land on a sharp object, it could...
  9. Nedy

    Socrates Update

    What a beautiful little guy! A great photo too! Love the lettuce! I guess he's part retriever, huh?
  10. Nedy

    Need help! Box Turtle hit by lawnmower

    Hi All! Thanks for your concern. Shelly went in for her last antibiotic injection this morning and it's almost unbelievable how quickly the wound has granulated. I flushed with sterile saline followed by the antiseptic 4 times a day and gave her pain meds orally. She's never refused a meal...
  11. Nedy

    Are They going to be DEAD ???? HELP

    I too am sorry you are going through this and I agree with the post that reminds us all we don't need more negative thoughts at this point in time. Lessons will be learned from this experience regardless of the outcome and I hope everything turns out just fine for the little boxies. I'm...
  12. Nedy

    Temporary Outdoor Pen

    My thoughts exactly! You know how those red foots jump! LOL
  13. Nedy

    [split] Hello

    For what its worth, a Dryer sheet will repel mosquitoes too. I always tuck one into my shirt pocket when I work in the garden and I tie one on my dog's collars when we go for walks in the woods. They definitely work and I doubt they have anything as dangerous as the commercial mosquitoe...
  14. Nedy

    What do you think?

    I just visited your Tortoise Spot site - it's great! You've got such a wealth of info there and links to even more info. I was really impressed with your enclosure pages. Very nice. Obviously someone who knows their turtles and tortoises! Glad you got the new little guy.
  15. Nedy

    What do you think?

    What a precious little guy. He's really trying to show that worm who's boss, huh? I think I might have cut it down to his size for fear he would lose the battle! LOL I'm so glad you found and rescued this little guy. Under your care he should be 100% in no time. Keep posting pictures and...
  16. Nedy

    Need help! Box Turtle hit by lawnmower

    Thanks,, that's so very sweet of you miss Kerrimoo. Im not convinced that the laser treatments are all that they are 'cracked up' to be. Would be interested to hear from other forum members about laser treatments. Honestly, I had never heard of it and they had a pretty 'fancy' highgloss...
  17. Nedy

    Need help! Box Turtle hit by lawnmower

    Just got back from the vet. She had a 1 gram injection of Ceftazidime and will have another on Friday and then 3 days later. I'm administering 1,5 mg of Metacam orally every 24 hrs. for pain and a Hexadrene flush 4 times a day. She's very cooperative with the oral meds (unlike a 3-toed Boxie...
  18. Nedy

    Need help! Box Turtle hit by lawnmower

    We have an appointment with Dr. Umke of All Creatures Veterinary Clinic in Wichita at 2:10 this afternoon. Meanwhile, I gave her a little soak in about an inch of water and she defecated, so we know that part works! LOL. After that, she ate a night crawler and some cantelope -- no problem...
  19. Nedy

    My 3toed Gulf intergrade/ worm hunter

    Wow! My 3 toed are drab olive green. But they do have very colorful red markings on the heads and front legs. I love the pattern on your boy's shell. Very, very pretty!