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  1. AZGirl

    Mopey Desert Tortoise

    Overnight lows are just reaching 50-52 this week with one night 46. Imhave been having him sleep inside. I turn his lights off, so it’s just room temp which is prob 65-68ish
  2. AZGirl

    Mopey Desert Tortoise

    Parker woke up April 3. He seemed to be doing okay. Eating, drinking, pooping. I’ve been soaking him each day, almost every day and let him out in yard (completely fenced) for the warmest part of day. He was taking walks and grazing, but today, after eating and soak, He basked, then went to...
  3. AZGirl


    Keep looking. We spent days and then found in weirdest places.. Just block routes out of yard.Mine would find a black trash bag I was putting weeds in, and he crawled INSIDE it. Good thing I checked.
  4. AZGirl

    Substrate question.

    Thanks @Tom !
  5. AZGirl

    Substrate question.

    Tortoise supply seems to be out of stock of substrates. Was wondering if this one is okay for DT?
  6. AZGirl

    Garden chat & photos for torts and people ♫ ♫

    Looks like quite a variety you have there! I did some container gardening last season but don’t have the greenest thumb. Was Looking for some raised beds maybe this yr. containers dry out fast on a hot day. Love the pic!😎
  7. AZGirl

    Hi all - excited to be part of this forum

    Welcome. This is a great place! 🐢🐢🐢
  8. AZGirl


    Lost my DT couple times. Ran trickling hose during warm morning and called him. He does responded to my voice. Isn’t that weird? 🐢🐢 hope you find her! 🙏🙏
  9. AZGirl

    Which of these plants are OK?

    There is an app, although I’ll have to look for the name.... you can take photo of plant & it will tell you name of it. Used here w friend at nearby lake area and it was very accurate
  10. AZGirl

    DT Waking up - Activity Delay?

    Today is day is 9 days after he woke up second time. I warmed him up much more and he moved more this a.m. but now sleeping. He ate and drank. He let me pet him w/o quickly hiding his head for first time. 🤔🤷‍♀️ I think he forgot me. Still looking for new orchid bark. Totrtoisesupply out. Will...
  11. AZGirl

    DT Waking up - Activity Delay?

    Ok, thank you. I will try that. 👍
  12. AZGirl

    Has my 10 year old tortoise passed away 😢

    so very sorry for your loss.💜🙏🙏😢
  13. AZGirl

    DT Waking up - Activity Delay?

    Parker, my 7 yr old DT woke up after 16 weeks, drank some water, went back to sleeping for abt 3 days. Woke up again, I‘ve started warming him up slowly providing food and water, soaked 2days as it warmed outside. Now it has cooled down again. How long can it take for DT to come up in activity...
  14. AZGirl

    He drank some water & has decided to go back to sleep. 🤷‍♀️

    He drank some water & has decided to go back to sleep. 🤷‍♀️
  15. AZGirl

    Best concert you’ve been to

    Gave Willie Nelson a rose back in late 70s. Bob Seger, Devo 😳, Crosby Stills Nash, Rod Stewart, Jackson Browne, Many Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor, Moody Blues, Stevie Nicks, & blessed to have seen Leon Russell & Elton John together before Leon passed, Third Day a few times. love all kinds of...
  16. AZGirl


    Happy Easter to All. Temp will be pleasant today. It will be quiet for me. Enjoy! 💜
  17. AZGirl

    Things you wish you knew before getting a tortoise

    I inherited my DT Parker, even tho I tried to have friend give to someone else. I wish I knew that they are way more time intensive than dogs. They cause you way more worry than dogs. They are way faster than you’d think. Picky eaters. They tie you down to home, pretty much. I love the lil guy...
  18. AZGirl

    TFO is different

    Yes, I see ads along right side now. Hi KarenSoCal! Parker woke up 20 minutes ago!! Yay! Happy Easter! 🌻🌸💐🌿🌱💐✝️💜💜🙏🇺🇸🌵😎
  19. AZGirl

    Another successful hibernation!!!! Parker just woke up. Happy Easter Eve!! 💜🙏🇺🇸🌵🌵😎🌱🌿🌸🌼🌼🌿

    Another successful hibernation!!!! Parker just woke up. Happy Easter Eve!! 💜🙏🇺🇸🌵🌵😎🌱🌿🌸🌼🌼🌿
  20. AZGirl

    Tortstork sent a Xmas Miracle!

    She’s beautiful. Is that outdoors. It looks so nice.