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  1. Linds94


    Hi guys, I have been having a really difficult time getting Tortellini to eat much lately, I’ve tried all kinds of different greens, and lettuce is really the only thing I can get him to eat (and only about half of what he used to eat at that). I did recently change up is diet quite a bit to...
  2. Linds94


    Hello! I just got my cute baby russian tortoise today, he started burrowing which I know is normal but is it normal for them to burrow head first? He dug a little hole halfway under one of his rocks. Is that a normal thing to do or should I move him?
  3. Linds94

    Newbie Heating Help

    Hello! I'm here to ask another newbie question! I am getting a baby Russian tortoise, and I am really struggling to keep the heating where it needs to be. I am using a 50 gallon tank, and for the daytime basking spot I am using a 75 W house bulb. I can't get the basking rock higher than 83-85...
  4. Linds94

    Coconut Fiber Help

    Hello! I recently bought the expandable coconut fiber substrate. As I went to wring out the water after soaking it for a while, I noticed white bubbles forming in the water, almost like soap? I didn't use ANY soap whatsoever, so I know it's coming from the substrate itself. is this normal? This...
  5. Linds94


    Hello! I am getting myself a Russian Tortoise soon, and I have been reading a lot about various weeds and plants I can give my little guy, and was wondering if all tortoises eat the same things generally? I am looking on the Tortoise Table website (suggested in other posts) and it doesn't...
  6. Linds94

    Russian Tortoise Vitamins

    Hello! I am getting a baby Russian Tortoise this summer (so excited!) and I am trying to get things ready nice and early so I am all prepared for it when it arrives. There is a lot of conflicting information about vitamins and calcium, what all is needed for a baby Russian? Do I need both...
  7. Linds94


    Hi, My name is Lindsay, I am brand new to this forum! I discovered it because I am saving up to buy a baby Russian Tortoise, and needed to get an idea of what I was going to need to keep it as healthy and happy as possible! This forum is amazing, and thanks already for all the information you...