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    It's spring... we've had Scooter for one year.

    No Questions or concerns... just a few pictures from a proud family of our little boy who will be four years old at the end of May. Comment: He does not like loud noises such as garbage trucks, the neighbor's lawn mower or low flying helicopters. He will hurry over and crawl under my arm or...
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    Do tortoises prefer owner's scent over something strange?

    Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had Scooter climb into my fleece and flannel shirts, digging down into my sleeves. I think I sent pictures of him in my fleece hoodie, and today it’s my red flannel shirt. So, not being too thrilled with the idea of Scooter possibly digging holes into my...
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    Where to put T5 UVB fixture

    Hi, We've had Scotter for several months now, and as I mentioned in another thread, we've had a hard time trying to find a light fixture to match UVB tube-type bulbs. I think we have finally put together a workable solution to get rid of the "bad" UVB bulbs that we had to use in a pinch. Please...