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  1. SweetPete7


    Happy birthday Sonne ;))) He's a year old!!! I'll post a pic of when I first got him, so you can see how much he's grown/changed~
  2. SweetPete7 (AKA Customer Reviews

    First things first, here is my proof of purchase: SO, having placed the order on August 20th, and not actually RECIEVING my order until 3 days shy of a month, I'm sure you can understand the frustration. What made this particularly unsettling is that would not respond to the...
  3. SweetPete7

    Question, help- pretty please~

    How durable do you think this cage is? Would a sizable tortoise be able to push through it, do you think?
  4. SweetPete7

    Tweeds anyone?

    I've ordered Tortoise Tweeds and offered them to Sonne. . . .he won't even bat an eye (big surprise *not*, he's quite picky). Just curious if anyone else has had luck with them?
  5. SweetPete7

    Favorite flower?

    Hello all! Just wondering which flowers are your tortoises favorite? To eat of course :P
  6. SweetPete7

    Opinions, anyone?
  7. SweetPete7

    Baaaaaaaaaad day for RES

    Holy crow. . . .its been a bad day in South Dakota for a lot of RES- on the road. I will admit though, I had to question the level of intelligence. . . .when placing torts off the road and into the ditch- SOME head back for the road *cmon' now!!*
  8. SweetPete7

    Zoomed (metal) clamp light fixture

    This is the only product thus far that I've been dissappointed with. I purchased it along with a 20" light fixture (a metal stand). The stand has a little hook on the end, which the light fixture rests on. The metal hook burned THROUGH the light fixture. Not only could this have started a...
  9. SweetPete7


    Just read on a website that supplements should not be used (calcuim, reptimin, D3, etc) on tortoises under 6 months of age. Is this true?
  10. SweetPete7

    Tasting? or biting?. . . .

    Well. . . .I'm not sure if he was simply seeing if my finger was a food item, or if he was unpolitely telling me that my presense was no longer needed- but Sonne attempted to bite/taste me. . . Has anyone here ever been bitten by a tortoise? What is the proper thing to do if they actually latch on?
  11. SweetPete7

    Carapace- hatchling question. . . .

    More than likely I'm just being anal retentive. . . .but this is bothering me. My leo hatchling is 3 months old- and its carapace from looking straight on- appears lopsided to one side. I'm not sure if this is normal or not. . .I keep trying to look up information via google, but feel like I'm...
  12. SweetPete7

    Handling- how often?

    Just curious as to how often you all handle your tortoises? Do you believe there are any legitimate negative consequences for handling? What do you feel the benefits are?
  13. SweetPete7

    Water conditioners?

    Just curious if anyone uses water conditioners, or is it safe to use tapwater for indoor enclosures?
  14. SweetPete7

    Ready to eat turtle bites?

    Does anyone know anything about Nature Zone Turtle Bites? Would they be good as a supplemental food for leos?
  15. SweetPete7

    Hatchling- gulping?

    Alright. . . .so Sonne arrived yesterday via UPS. He is quite small, in fact- I can see where his embilical (sp) attachment was. Yesterday after a warm soak he was pretty bright eyed. He ate good yesterday, but today has slowed down a bit in activity (still eating good, and drank some water...
  16. SweetPete7

    Beginner questions. . . .

    Bear with me please ;) Are radish leaves, red leaf lettuce, and cilantro safe for a leo tort? And should I be cutting all the various greens into tiny bite sized pieces? Also, should a baby torts shell be pefectly rounded? Or is lopsiding normal? thank you thank you :D Pete
  17. SweetPete7

    Question about bedding, mites possibly?

    I ordered Cypress bedding from and it arrived in a box. . . .I put it in Sonne's enclosure, where there are several forms of substrate (sand, sphagnum moss, fake grass) and upon moving around the cypress area (to situate my food dish) it looked as though the small chunks of wood...
  18. SweetPete7

    Hello all ;)

    ;) I'm new, just thought I'd drop a note to say hello~ Pete P.s. I will post a pic, therefore you can attach a face with a name ;D