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  1. Rex1718

    Sulcata ramming sprinkler!

    My sulcata has recently started trying to ram the sprinkler I use to water his lawn. I’ve seen him bite at it a few times also. He is male about 15 inches long. About 4 years old. Any reason he would suddenly want to fight the sprinkler?
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    During the winter. I bring my sulcata in the house every few days to soak in the tub. He’s about 13 inches and 15lbs. Anyway I started giving him cucumbers in the tub to make sure hydrated. I figured if he is constantly bobbing for cucumber chunks he has got to be taking in some water. I end...
  3. Rex1718

    Sulcata growth, 4 years

    I know it’s hard to pin point a growth rate for a sulcata. I feel like my sulcata Rex is on the smaller end of the spectrum. He was hatched in a dry environment and first couple months kept at out dated standards. Will that effect his growth rate for life? This is him the 4 years I’ve had him.
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    New puppy!

  5. Rex1718

    Male or female

    A friend gave me a juvenile eastern box turtle, can someone please tell me if it’s male or female
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    Locking tortoise up at night?

    Do you lock your tortoises in their night box at night year round, or only when the temps drop to low at night? I check on my sulcata every night and lock the night box and open it the next morning. Planning a camping trip soon and would rather not have someone in my tortoise enclosure. I’ve...
  7. Rex1718

    Toads in tortoise enclosure.

    I have been noticing toads in my sulcata’s enclosure at night when I water the grass. Is it safe to let them be? I know their skin can be toxic, but I so foresee my sulcata trying to hunt them.
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    Plant id please

    What is this, is it safe for sulcata tortoise?
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    Is this real/possible?

  10. Rex1718

    Anyway to train tortoise to poop outside his night box?

    Like the title says. Trying to get my tortoise to stop pooping in his night box. My 12 inch sulcata has bigger poops than my dog lol. I’m sure training him is a long shot, any tips on cleaning up the night box? I have been using hot water and rags to mop the bottom of the night box. I’ve been...
  11. Rex1718

    Tortoise on golf cart?

    I recently built a box to haul my sulcata on my golf cart to different fields around the neighborhood. The weather has been nice, lots of weeds and grass in the fields. How do I know if he is getting stressed by the ride. I don’t think he is because immediately after parking and putting him...
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    Taking my animals to daughters class?

    Schools are shut down right now, so my little girl is doing a lot of class on the computer. Every morning she has to do a Check in video, I’m guessing as a way of attendance. To make it fun for her, the wife and I let her introduce one of the animals for her videos. I have kind of been put...
  14. Rex1718

    Sulcata tortoise junk?

    My male sulcata Rex has been pulling out his penis while soaking. Is this normal? I spray him with cold water to get him to put it up. Just wondering if it was normal behavior, or if something is wrong? Thank you. Attached a pic to give you an idea of his size.
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    Plant ID please

    Found these in my sulcata’s enclosure, looks like baby oak trees to me. Not sure. I picked out what I could see. How dangerous is it to have them in the enclosure. Not sure if Rex has eaten any or not just want to be safe. Is it dangerous in large amounts or a few bites can kill him? Thanks
  17. Rex1718

    The color yellow.

    Are all tortoises attracted to the color yellow? My sulcata will try to eat anything yellow. Just wondering if it was just him
  18. Rex1718

    Will Zoomed grassland tortoise food attract ants?

    My sulcata Rex normally gets a bowl of zoomed grassland tortoise food once a week. I always take him out of his enclosure to feed him that because I don’t want to attract any ants. Just wondering if I could just put the bowl in the enclosure for the day and clean up that afternoon, without...
  19. Rex1718

    Should I cut the grass?

    My sulcata is finally coming in and out of his night box on his own. Should I cut the grass, half his yard is taller than him, figured I would just let him eat it down, what do y’all think?