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  1. Victoriatori

    Can variety be bad if it contains a lot of Goitrogens?

    It's currently still cold, though the seasons are thankfully changing, but I want to be aware for next winter. In the winter a lot of my options are grocery store foods but when I look on the tortoise table a lot of them have goitrogens which it says are bad if not in moderations and that I...
  2. Victoriatori

    Types of flowers and how?

    With the seasons starting to change I'm wanting to add a bit more variety to my tortoises diet with out having to stop 3 different stores to get the best variety and I know purchasing already growing plants is a no no because of pesticides and such. So I'm looking into planting my own mini...
  3. Victoriatori

    New (unexpected) Russian Owner, advice?

    I apologize for the length. Hello, I may have jumped into this boat a bit more prematurely than planned. I had a friend post about rehoming a Russian tortoise a few months ago, and then again a couple days ago and I've owned reptiles in the past (though it's been a few years and I wasn't...