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  1. Hermann1alexo

    Hermanns having diarrhea! Help!!

    Kale should be fed in moderation try finding weeds around your house like dandelion or plantain with are great for Them. Anything with high nutrition, also make sure they are hydrated
  2. Hermann1alexo

    Tortoise digging nest for hours

    Yeah I did help remove some soil as it’s quite dry ( tomorrow I will moisten it ) but she doesn’t sleep under the heat lamp either. She has also never layed eggs. Nor shown may signs of doing so
  3. Hermann1alexo

    Tortoise digging nest for hours

    This evening as my tortoise went to sleep she started digging with her back legs and continued to do so. She slowed down and appeared asleep/ digging subconsciously and seems to still be doing so for about several hours. Is this anything to be concerned about. As she seems to be digging like she...
  4. Hermann1alexo

    Hermann tortoise post drowning help

    she has recovered very quiickly as she is already walking and eating and behaving as normally, she has been sleeping abit more to recover. I can tell if there is any water in her lungs still but i tried tilting her. I cant go to any vet a there is not specialist vet near me so im oping shes ok
  5. Hermann1alexo

    New Tortoise Owner Worries!

    Hi, i have hermann tortoises myself and I see their yawn from time to time and I dont think its something to be worried about unless its very persistent. As long as their environment is not to humid they should be fine. The only concerns for them should be if they show signs of weariness or...
  6. Hermann1alexo

    Hermann tortoise post drowning help

    This aftenoon i found my tortoise at the bottem of my pond she was unconcious but is now breathing and conscious but is still very exhausted and weary, she has urinated a bit of water which is a good sign. I've put her under the heat lamp to rest for now. I dont know if there is anything else i...