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  1. PiL71

    Wood protectant

    Hello - I've been off and on planning a final enclosure for my Russian, Herb. I've had some run ins with people on here before, so I'd really appreciate only help, no harm (unless the harm is for the safety of the tort) As everyone here knows, tortoises can eventually scratch thru wood sealant...
  2. PiL71

    Entire enclosure overhaul

    Hello all! I've been redoing my substrate, when I discovered heavy water damage (presumably from the moist coco coir and general humidity of the air) on the bottom. My enclosure is a unique one, (pics can be found on my profile, I believe) but I'd like to keep this idealogy and apply it to my...
  3. PiL71

    Substrate Mixture?

    Hello anyone who reads this, What I would like to know is how can I make his substrate more burrow friendly? I've allotted about 6 inches of ground to him, but I've noticed it A. dries out fairly fast, and B. when dried does not retain it's shape. I have purely coco coir in there, with a bit...
  4. PiL71

    I finally am 95% done with Herb's juvenile enclosure.

    I am almost done with my Russian Tortoise's enclosure. It is a double story enclosure (so here's proof to all of the skeptics out there saying two stories are impossible), and he goes up and down the ramp quite readily. It took him a little it to initially get used to the ramp, but he uses it...
  5. PiL71

    Safe plants for Horsefields?

    I want to integrate some live plants into my tort's habitat, but I don't really trust the websites that I've looked on ie; Tortoise Town Link, Garden Guide Link, because I'm dealing with my buddy's life here, if I pick the wrong plants. Some that I've picked a liking to are Hawksbeard (not sure...
  6. PiL71

    New enclosure for my tortoise Herb

    Hello! So, for my enclosure right now, it is two 2x2x4 foot hollow wooden boxes, with Plexiglas on the top. I am wondering, not so much about reformatting it, but whether or not my Russian will climb a slight incline to get to the second one? They are going to be stacked on top of each other. I...
  7. PiL71


    I have a 5+/- year old Russian, what humidity should I maintain, and also what should the substrate be like, wet, damp, arid or bone dry? Thanks!!
  8. PiL71

    Expanding...? Help greatly appreciated

    So I own a 5 yo male russian, and I have him in a 2x4x2 currently. I don’t really have the floor space to add on another 2x4 to my enclosure, nor do I really know how to go about doing that horizontally. So, Id like to know what you all think about this idea? I’d put the top half DIRECTLY on...
  9. PiL71

    Brumation — Need Help!!!!

    Hello, my five year old Russian Tortoise has been extremely inactive for the last couple of weeks, and has stayed in his half log for most of these weeks. Any help? I’ve read online and in a book that russians like to be in a small box with good substrate at ~40F. Is that correct? I do not have...
  10. PiL71

    Russian Tortoise Not Eating....??!

    Help- my russian tortoise hasn’t been eating very well for the past few days— what do i do??! should i begin to brumate him?
  11. PiL71

    Closed Chamber Enclosure Advice?

    So I’ve been in the process of converting my russian tort’s enclosure into a Closed Chamber Enc, and I’d like some tips and tricks as to what the best way to do such a thing is? Thanks, I’ll post pictures below. I’m not done, I need to cut it to size and add air holes as well as connect hinges...
  12. PiL71

    Not sleeping in hide

    I’ve been concerned for a while now that my Russian isn’t sleeping in his hide, he sleeps right next to his basking rock... is this a behavior to be concerned about?
  13. PiL71

    5 y. o. Russian Tortoise Not Eating

    Hi - I own a Russian tortoise named Herb and i’ve noticed he’s eating less than he normally does..? Is this because he’s getting ready to brumate, or what? I’m concerned.. thanks. i normally feed him kale with zucc
  14. PiL71

    Russian Tortoise Care Tips?

    Hi- I am relatively new to the hobby, a few months, july 3 2018 to be exact, and I was just wondering what size enclosure I should have Herb in? Currently, he’s in a 4x2x1.5 foot, which said would be easily sufficient for a russian tort, but I wanted to know what else I should do? I have daily...